Donald Trump and the G7 Summit

This photo speaks volumes.


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  1. the man shouldn’t be allowed to travel abroad

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    A picture says a thousand words … PETULANT!!

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  3. I didn’t even know all the details at first, but this picture really does say everything.

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  4. Talk about words falling on deaf ears. IO bet what is steaming him even more is that he is being addressed in this fashion by a woman. Oh the burn. Hugs

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    • Scottie,
      That is also what I was thinking. Trump took a defiant physical posture, but sitting while doing so is also the posture that he was outdone.

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      • I think Trump went in defiant – above all, Angela Merkel wasn’t going to sway his pre-set notions. What is it about her that seems to annoy Donald John, other than being a woman, could it be that she’s German? Did she call him ‘Donald John’ when addressing him? 😮 That look in his eyes, I can only imagine the words behind them as he stared at her.

        And, she at him. I certainly know what my thoughts would have been!

        I also find the photo interesting in that all of the males surround Angela, the air seems thick. I too think he was outdone, by everyone.

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        • Hi Pilcherje!
          He certainly looks defiant. He said to the press that it was during the time he was waiting for changes on the documents and nothing angry was being said. Yeah. Sure. That’s why he folded his arms and had an angry look on his face.

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  5. Funny how Trump’s popularity increased when he dissed our allies and started a love affair with Kim.

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