Roseanne Barr

It seems as if we’ve gone from dog whistles, to outright, in-your-face, bigotry.


(ABC/Robert Trachtenberg)

Roseanne Barr (1952- ), US comedian and conspiracy theorist, is best known as the star of “Roseanne” (1988-97), a US television comedy on ABC about a White working-class family. The show made a comeback two months ago, March 2018, quickly becoming one of the most watched television shows in the nation – only to be suddenly cancelled yesterday on May 29th.

Barr destroyed her show in just 53 characters on Twitter:

“muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj”

This was so racist that even Sean Hannity of Fox News found it “appalling”.

“VJ” is Valerie Jarrett, a long-time adviser to President Obama and an object of right-wing conspiracy theories. Jarrett is also a Black woman.

Blacks as apes: Barr said it was a “joke”. Ha ha. It plays on and pushes the profoundly racist idea that Black people are like apes, less than fully…

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  1. And some people who support the NFL decision on the anthem decry this as a suppression of free speech. Go figure.

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  2. Rosanne totally deserved what she got by getting her show canceled. While I agree with that punishment, I’m not going to say that she’s the only guilty party. ABC and it’s parent company Disney have done racist crap for decades and most likely did this to save face. Rosanne has been saying racist things on the record for years like some tweets dating back 5 years ago calling various Black politicians and other individuals apes. They had to have known about it yet they still gave her the reboot of her show anyway? Also, I question the leadership with Channing Dungey (ABC president) who is a Black woman who should really know better about Rosanne’s history. The situation is just crazy, but I wonder how many people see the big picture. Part of me thinks, Rosanne will be back but on a different channel.

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    • Ospreyshire,
      I think she’s aiming for a comedy show tour. It will be like her tweets, because she’s lost the respect of writers.

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      • That doesn’t surprise me at all. Since she is a comedienne, that would be a back up plan now that her show is kaput. The sad part is that I can see her loyal fans and people who think like her still go to these shows and line her coffers. I also have the feeling that she’ll get the Paula Deen treatment and make a comeback in a matter of years. How is it that they get second, third, and fourth chances all the time when some other people get condemned for less?


        • Ospreyshire,
          We’re in a time where people will exploit others for the sake of money. If they can sell enough tickets, or get enough sponsors, they get their second, third, and fourth chances.

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          • That’s certainly true and I do agree with what you said. In my previous comment, I was also talking about a bigger picture with how people can do and say horrible things and are redeemed. How is it that Colin Kaepernick is let go of his contract and lambasted for peacefully protesting, yet his detractors say and do all these hateful things and are treated better than him? Such a double standard when it comes to the arbitrary definitions of free speech.

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          • Osprehshire,
            Oh yes — the hypocritical double-standard. That happens when it’s not what is done or said, but who does or says it. I remember when George Wallace was running for president and said awful things about Blacks. At the same time however, MLK was being demonized for addressing inequalities.

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          • Of course. That’s a great example highlighting Wallace and MLK with the blatant double standard. Extending off that example, some of the most hardcore bigots have hit a reset button of sorts since the Southern Strategy by making any racist words or implications more subtle and abstract since people were getting wise to it. When someone gets too overt like Rosanne’s tweets, then they get into trouble. On the flipside, those same people project their insecurities by saying other groups make up their own dog whistle terms like how some idiots describe things like Finn from the Star Wars movies or Black Panther as “White Genocide” which is a stupid strawman if I’d ever heard one. Words DO matter. You’re right about who says something or what they don’t say.


          • Ospreyshire,
            Since you mentioned the Black Panther movie, I observed some opinions about it and concluded that the people have not watched the movie, neither are they familiar with Marvel comic books. They assumed that it’s about the Black Panthers organization from the ’60’s and apply their opinions about that organization to a movie because of its title.

            Thanks for an excellent comment.

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          • Interestingly enough, Black Panther the superhero predates the political organization. Yeah, that fear from those who haven’t seen that movie is unfounded. The Black Panthers are nothing like the KKK as some people think.

            Thank you.


          • Ospreyshire,
            You are so correct! I had forgotten that the comic book superhero predates the political organization. Many Whites were afraid of the BP organization because some carried weapons. The BPs were not anti-White; they were anti-corruption in political systems. Had Fred Hampton not been killed, Chicago would have become gang-less or at least, there would be a decrease in the number. As said in the movie “Malcolm X”, the system thought that was too much power for one Black man to have.

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          • Thanks. I actually didn’t know that about the superhero until a few months ago. Funny enough, Black Panther’s home country of Wakanda is funny to me since the Illinoisan town of Wauconda is pronounced the same way.

            That is very true about them not being anti-White which is a huge misconception. I even found out not too long ago that they invented the school breakfast program for lower-income students before every public school co-opted it. Those are some good points about the potential of Fred Hampton not dying. It’s a valid point about how influential some civil rights leaders were at the time. One word…COINTELPRO.


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