Texas High School Shooter Planned His Actions

A day after the deadliest high school shooting since the Valentine’s Day massacre at Parkland High School, details about shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis are starting to trickle out. And in one of the most shocking revelations, the Wall Street Journal reports that Pagourtzis spared students that he liked so they could “tell his story.” According to […]

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  2. I don’t know what to say, i just don’t. I’m afraid it’s too late to do anything significant about guns, and not just in America, everywhere. Endure and suffer.

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    • John,
      Until this country is ready to confront the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment and make it appropriate for today’s “arms” we are going to have gun violence. But we know — don’t touch the 2nd Amendment. If any new candidate running for president is brave enough to say that we need an appropriate interpretation for today, or to repeal and replace the 2nd Amendment with what is appropriate, they have my vote.

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  3. Horribly sad. My heart goes out to all of our children.

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  4. This is just disgusting. There was the school shooting in Dixon, IL literally a day before this one. When is enough enough?

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    • Osprey,
      The shooting in Dixon took over much of the local news, then things went to print. ABC reported that the shooter, Matthew Milby, used his mom’s rifle. Also turns out that his mom has a felony conviction in Florida. Under Illinois law, she should not have been allowed to have a gun.

      Where the media is falling short is whether or not Milby’s mom had a FOIA card. If so, it would mean that the Illinois State Police failed to pick-up on the felony conviction. There are also alternatives, such as Milby’s mom may have brought the gun with her from Florida, which would then point back to the State of Florida not doing its job.

      When is enough, enough? In the United States with the outdated 2nd Amendment, I’m afraid that things will go on until the entire population is traumatized.

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      • I heard about it when I was in a waiting room while my car was being serviced (the TV was on). The day afterward, I found out that the mom lied about not having guns when I heard about the rifle belonging to her. I didn’t know she was a felon, but I shouldn’t be surprised. Then again, people like her NEVER have their priors put on full blast by the mainstream media and I’ll leave it at that.

        Very good points. I do need to be more familiar with my home state’s laws. If this is true about the FOIA card and if the state personnel in both the Land of Lincoln AND the Sunshine State didn’t know about it, then they all should be held responsible. People have been fired for much much less.

        No kidding. I wonder if people (unaffected by these shootings) are really that numb when it comes to these tragedies.

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        • Osprey,

          “No kidding. I wonder if people (unaffected by these shootings) are really that numb when it comes to these tragedies.”

          I don’t know if they’re numb, disinterested, afraid to take part in change, or have an overcoming feeling of helplessness.

          Some communities have lived with gun violence tragedies for decades, and some folks moved to far away, secluded towns so it won’t happen to them. If this continues, they will have to get a houseboat and live in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean because they are not immune to what they say is caused by mental health or emotional problems.

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          • I see. People do need to wake up though. I’ve noticed that most of these school shootings happen in smaller towns and suburbs. Maybe they should install metal detectors in all these schools. Despite the issues with how the infrastructure is set up in inner city schools, poorer schools, and ones with a huge ethnic minority demographic, at least school shootings don’t happen in those places.

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  5. crustyolemothman

    Dear Xena,

    Is it time that we demand all of the police, secret service, and other law enforcement agencies protecting our congress and the castle of the King and reassign them to more productive tasks? We could allow those politicians and our King to wrap them selves up in a blanket made of thoughts and prayers for protection. I suspect if that were to happen we would see changes in the gun laws pretty darn fast! This problem has become an epidemic and the time to address it is now! At some point the people of this nation will have to realize that the right of a child to grow to adulthood should have priority over their desire to own a little piece of steel designed to kill! I would suggest to those that have and want to keep their guns that they get on board and help devise a plan to solve this problem or it will be on their backs when they lose the right they love so dearly..

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    • Mothman,

      Have you ever heard of devised plans to keep people going in circles so nothing ever gets done? It goes like this —
      (a) federal politicians say that gun control is up to the states.
      (b) Some states pass laws for gun control, (even forbidding conceal carry), and the NRA and other gun activist groups sue the states saying it’s unconstitutional.
      (c) A federal district court sides with it being unconstitutional, which effectively takes away the rights of the states to pass laws on gun control.

      See what I mean? It springboards right back to the 2nd Amendment. The blood of people in America killed by guns cries from the depths of the earth.

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  6. Dreamer9177

    I get so angry and depressed when these tragedies happen. They all run together. There is a problem with people who have mental issues and the problem with access to, and our fixation with, guns. What we have is the equivalent of locking pyromaniacs in a room with gasoline and matches, walking away, and just hoping for the best as we act surprised when things go wrong.

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    • Dreamer,
      I’m with you. There is another exception that I take. No consideration is given to people who have mental illness when they are killed by law enforcement. They are deemed dangerous because of mental illness. Yet, kids — KIDS — who have mental issues are being defended for lacking self-discipline and taking the lives of their peers and others.

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  7. Dear Xena,

    This is somewhat like the shootings of unarmed peoples of color being too frequently fatally shot by police. When will it end?

    In this case, a young lady was targeted because she publicly spurned the stalking type behaviors of the Santa Fe HS shooter. These young men have to get in their heads that they are not entitled. These young lady spurning him, cost her and 9 others, their lives.

    Young peoples should not have easy access to their parents guns. That’s just for starters. This is heart breaking to watch these senseless killings that are PREVENTABLE, where nothing seems to get done to adequately address these problems.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda,
      Today on cable news, there were so many excuses to defend school shooters that the lives of victims were lost in the discussions. Maybe this is the time that light is shed on the double-standards. You mentioned the shootings of unarmed POC. There are those who blame them for their own deaths. They say their parents should have raised them to respect cops. Yet with those who commit mass shooting, they blame it on them being mistreated, or raised playing video games, etc. It might be a truth to say that anyone with self-discipline problems can become dangerous when they have a gun, and anyone knowing they are being approached by a person with a gun will react according to fear.

      Guns were invented to kill. They have no mind of their own. They do not discriminate, and it’s beyond time that American citizens face the fact that they cannot control the minds and emotions of everyone, so it’s time for gun AND bullet control.

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