Chicago Cop Faces 10 Years To Life For Paying Minor Girls For Sex

William Whitley acknowledged Tuesday he paid young girls for sex. The longtime veteran of the Chicago Police Department admitted he would order them up before he’d go to work — leaving his uniform hanging on the bedroom door and his gun under his pillow while they were in bed.

But even as he prepared to admit his guilt to a federal judge Tuesday, Whitley insisted that braces on the teeth of one young girl “don’t dictate a person’s age.” He still thought she was older…

CPD has previously said Whitley was stripped of his powers in September 2015. He must register within days as a sex offender. Court personnel said his current residence is problematic, but Kendall gave him until Friday to find a new place to live.

A grand jury accused Whitley last year of trafficking four teenage girls for sex, as well as producing child pornography. That followed a 2015 FBI investigation that authorities said led them to Whitley.

via CPD veteran admits to paying young girls for sex, faces life in prison — Chicago Sun-Times

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  1. Anyone who has sex with a child should be castrated. I mean what ever part of their bodies were used should be cut off. Private parts=cut off, Tongue=cut off, Hands=cut off.

    • Ladylove,
      Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? LOL! Seriously though, children are so vulnerable that there should be extensive punishment for those convicted of sexually abusing them. I don’t know if cutting off body parts will stop their sick minds from thinking sick things. Former cop, short-eyes, and sex offender registrant are now titles he owns.

      • I’m just saying if they have no parts left to touch a child then, their minds can continue to think whatever it wants to because they have no limbs to act on their sick thoughts.

        • Ladylove,
          I understand. Chances are the courts will say that removing body parts is “cruel and unusual punishment”, but I get what you’re saying. Professionals have said there is no redemption for sex abusers — nothing that helps them change. Maybe life in prison is the only solution.

  2. Bad bad boy, and far too many bad boys on the loose

    • John,
      Here lately, I’m seeing more cases of police officers across the nation being convicted of domestic violence or sex abuse charges, then those who pull the trigger and take lives.

  3. Justice would be life without parole given his job was to serve and protect. He betrayed that trust in one of the worse possible ways. He molested minors, trafficking them, used them n production and sale of child pornography.

    In prison, I hope he becomes a prag and gets it in the rear often. Sorry to be so crude.

    • Angela,
      They will probably put him in a club fed with other short eyes, and because he was a cop. Life without parole will be good. When the sentencing is reported, I’ll post it here in the comment section.

      • Please do post his sentencing. Want to see if he even gets prison time.

        • His sentence is set for Sept. 4th. I’ll keep my eyes open.

          In another case involving a member of law enforcement who sexually abused children and engaged in porn, the federal judge sentenced him to 50 years. Which reminded me, Greg Pyle was also facing state charges. No news source followed the case. I just checked and had to go to McHenry County case records to see what happened in the state’s case. Pyle was sentenced to 45 years. That’s a total of 95 years.

          • Thanks Xena, that’s good to hear. Out of curiosity were the children white or black?

            • Angela,
              None of the reports give the race of the children. The case of the cop in Chicago said that he pulled up next to the 16-year old and her friend in Englewood. The census for 2016 says that the Englewood area in Chicago is 76% Black and 20% Hispanic.

            • Usually the media makes money villainizing non-white victims and their families to aide police violence. Would be interesting to know that nonwhite children actually received justice.

            • Angela,
              State judicial systems are more open to the media than the federal judicial system. The federal system is also very protective of minor victims. In the case of Pyle, a victim’s mom gave the impact statement at the sentencing hearing. That may or may not happen in Whitley’s sentencing hearing. The DOJ has a rule that if the case involves a minor, only the parent(s) can see the records. That also prevents the media from snooping after-the-fact.

            • I can’t find a picture of Former officer Whitley but I believe he is a man of color. Can anyone help me out here? While I’m glad more officers are being prosecuted with real ‘locked up’ sentences, it seems more officers of color are prosecuted for the same crimes other officers aren’t, and their is still disparity in their sentences where they are prosecuted.

            • Mindyme,
              When I did a Google search, one photo returned that could be a 26-year old Black officer. When I went to the link for the article where the photo appears, (The New York Times) there was no photo. The federal system does not allow cameras in the courthouse, and seldom does major media have artists in courtrooms unless it’s a murder trial.

            • Still would be nice to know the race. Black cops don’t get off.

              One thing I noticed recently with the media is to darken the image or even have a picture of a black person when the crime was committed by white person.

            • Angela,
              Some Black cops do get off, although based on what I know about cases, they are charged and found guilty more often than White cops. There is a double-standard when it comes to some judges and juries.

              When I wrote the latest blog post about Ethan Saylor, I looked for photos of the deputies. I did not find them. They had not been charged, but there are times when the media posts their photos from when they were sworn-in. Nope. The only photos are those of Ethan, provided by his family. Ethan was White.

              I’m in the middle of the road at times, because I can understand how photos are and have been used for malicious purposes, and how the court systems will want to prevent that. At the same time however, there are times when the public needs to know who in law enforcement has a complaint or case against them. I do not know if that’s the media sources who are disinterested, or the police departments who will not release photos. Since I started blogging in 2012, I have noticed that there are less and less media sources who have reporters assigned to courts. Some start reporting on cases and before the jury convenes, their reports stop. We used to get live streams of court cases. Now we don’t.

            • Xena, lots of things have changed in less than a decade. We seem to have developed tunnel vision when it comes to crime, partly because the media spins the cycles of lies it disseminates.

              Your observations are on target. I’ve noticed similar with past stories on police brutality, and even Flint water crisis sanitized to protect perpetrators. Videos removed or edited to support law enforcement version. On my blog, many original videos of police brutality are no longer available, many under the guise of sensitive material or rights.

              I’m at the point where I see the problems. I don’t understand everything but I understand enough to know what needs to be done next. The challenge is finding the right people who can make things happen.

            • Angela,
              You hit the proverbial nail on the head.

          • Wow, Good on that judge!

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