George Zimmerman Charged With Stalking Private Investigator

George Zimmerman, the Florida man acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin, has been charged with misdemeanor stalking after allegedly threatening and harassing a private investigator last year, according to Seminole County officials.

He’s accused of stalking the private investigator, Dennis Warren, in December 2017.

According to a Seminole County Sheriff’s report, Warren was hired by production company Cinemart Productions, which was producing a documentary about Martin’s 2012 death, to track down people to participate in the documentary.

Warren said he left a voicemail for Zimmerman in September 2017 asking him to participate. He told police that was his only attempt to contact Zimmerman.

According to the report, Zimmerman also allegedly texted, “Dennis is a [expletive] who bothered my uncle in his home….local or former law enforcement officer he’s well on his way to the inside of a gator as well. 10-4?”

Warren said Zimmerman began contacting him on Dec. 17, saying he received 21 phone calls, 38 text messages, and seven voicemails in a span of just over two hours. One of the voicemails allegedly said, “Answer your phone, [expletive]” and “I’ll see you before you realize it.”


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  2. This person is a danger to society. he should be locked up. What does he do for a living? Does he have a job> or is he a pensioner?

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    • Ren,
      George has pretty much been able to keep his personal life private for several years. There was serious doubt that he would be offered employment by any responsible business and any company hiring him would not want the publicity. He told the police that he has an attorney, so when he appears in court, I suppose the media will report on that. He’s not a pensioner.

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    • Two sides to a story

      He’s living off the ill-gotten gains of auctioning off his murder weapon. This incident appears to be a random side trip caused by the investigator contacting his family, but when he runs out of the money made from the auction, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll hear a lot more about him in the news again.

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      • Hi Two Sides. Thanks for the info.

        Zimmerman’s email address on the capias looks like it’s for a business, or to give the impression that it’s for a business. Maybe he has a business of offering personal appearances at gun shows. (shrug)


  3. Just thinking, Georgie seems haunted by his justification for murdering Trayvon. He’s escalating, again. Hoping his sentencing rings his bells though I have my doubts, he’s skated too many times. Whatever the price he’ll pay will never be enough. I’m sure his parents must be proud. Still.

    I know Georgie is dangerous, yet I couldn’t help but laugh that he’s in the news once again. It was only a matter of time. Tick tick tick until the next news headline.

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    • Hi Pilcherje! Good seeing you. Since it took investigators almost 5 months to investigate before charging, Zimmerman might not skate this time around. Still, it’s a misdemeanor charge. If convicted, he might have an injunction placed against him, and be sentenced to probation.

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      • Hi Xena! Good to see you as always. An injunction would be fitting…I really can’t recall if he’s had others, but there seems to be a pattern of behavior that warrants at least that. I hope it’s harsh enough to get the point across – he’s a loose canon at this point as that documentary will continue to be made…I’m sure this isn’t the end of hearing about Georgie, probation be danged. 😉

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        • Pilcherje,
          I’m hoping that he will be convicted, and receive the full penalty that can be issued. I read an article earlier where the person wrote that George has given us evidence that his nature is to stalk, which is what he did to Trayvon. Another article mentioned Matthew Apperson and how he claimed being stalked by Zimmerman. Matthew did not handle that properly and is now serving time. Maybe that is what Zimmerman hoped to provoke with the investigator.

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    • roderick2012

      Just thinking, Georgie seems haunted by his justification for murdering Trayvon

      Maybe that’s why he went bezerk on the private investigator-George started hearing Trayvon screams again.

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      • Roderick,
        It’s interesting that you mentioned Trayvon’s screams. Was it the uncle who testified at the trial that it was George screaming for help? George said that the investigator went to his uncle’s house, so his uncle had to have told him about the investigator and the planned movie. His envy must have kicked in — how dare no one do a movie about him and his side, right! But, he already gave his side and it was played to the jury. What’s left to hear from him? Nothing.


      • My thoughts too and in all that screaming I think George has replayed that night over and over in his mind, feeling powerful. Now, someone is lurking and George is losing control of that dream. Maybe a new chapter will emerge…as someone is digging into the cave of George’s life.


  4. chuquestaquenumber1

    The no.1 problem with law enforcement is the lenient and preferential treatment of white criminals and suspects. Zimmerman’s newest arrest and charge is just another example. He’s on his way to being Tom Latonowich . Latonowich in case any one forgot was the white cop killer who killed a Mass.cop and wounded his K9 partner.What made that police killing so egregious was the fact that Latonowich had a ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN charge criminal record.
    Speaking of lenient treatment. Watch this video. As you notice the lack of aggression this police officer has towards a white man with a car full of guns think of Philando Castile:

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    • Chuquest,
      The double-standard speaks volumes. The White person with 111 criminal charges, is still perceived as a better person than a Black man with no charges, who might have not moved fast enough when told to show his hands.

      When it comes to Zimmerman, he is a provoker. He knows just how to provoke hoping to get a like response so the situation looks mutual, or he comes out smelling like roses like he did with Apperson. This time, those he stalked and threatened handled it in the correct manner. It took investigators 5 months, but they weren’t going to take short-cuts giving him a way out.

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  5. This guy won’t continue to survive the things he puts people through. Someone is going to get fed up with him to a point that can’t be corrected. Not wishing anything bad on hm, but I wish his mind would be healed because it’s broken.

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    • Yes, his mind has been broken for a long time. He’s not planted good seed in his garden of life, and boasts about the bad seed he has planted. What Zimmerman did this time is because of his envy and hatred for Trayvon. Trayvon’ parents appeared in the movie “Marshall”. They have published a book. Trayvon was awarded a honorary college degree. None of that has happened for Zimmerman — and now another movie produced by Jay-Z? That was too much for Zimmerman to bear.

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      • Life is too much for that man. He’s so toxic that it’s a shame. And I was so thrilled to see Trayvon’s parents in Marshall, as well as continuing to have success. I just pray that the positive messages are learned by everyone in these situations. It’s so so so terribly draining how unnecessary lives are lost before people start to even have critical thought and prevention and progression action.

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        • Virgobeauty,
          “Draining” is right.

          Today, I found a Sept. 2014 article published in GQ Magazine about the Zimmerman family. In it, George’s own family said that he has anger issues, and is argumentative and rude to them.

          Gladys compared her “lost” of George to Sybrina losing Trayvon.

          Robert Jr. came up with an idea to exploit women by selling them security devices that he wanted to promote as being created by George.

          The article talks about their paranoia of fear, and the amount of debt they went into.

          Dysfunctional. Negativity magnets. Envy rotting the bones. That article reveals those things and more about George and his family.

          I’m looking forward to the new film about Trayvon’s life.

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          • Oh my, that’s a lot of brokenness and undiagnosed mental issues it seems as well, like deception runs in the core. I guess, at least they are “honest” in sharing the info. I wish people would do the self-work and those around them would be supportive in it as well, as a family culture.

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            • Virgobeauty,
              In my opinion, their being “honest” is tied into their sense of entitlement. I could not understand why George’s family became his PR people during a pending trial. They were competing against a family whose 17-year old was dead, shot in the heart.

              Thinking back, we saw Shellie perjure herself for George about the amount of money donated. After the verdict, we heard Shellie say that she had left George and was staying with her dad the night that George killed Trayvon. That refuted that he was home cooking her dinner and mentoring children. In other words, we learned that George’s family was willing to repeat his story as fact, and willing to lie for him. Since they are people paranoid by fear, their motivation might have been rooted in fear of George.

              Regarding self-work — some folks are beyond help.

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            • Preach. Well stated. Well stated

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  6. George has asked for a public defender.

    A court allowed George Zimmerman to use a public defender in his alleged stalking case after he filed documents saying he’s $2.5 million in debt and has zero income.


  7. The investigator who Zimmerman is accused of stalking petitioned the court for a restraining order against Zim. The case begins at about 10:40. The petition was denied. I’ve not completed watching the entire video yet to hear the reason it was denied.


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