This Week’s Stress Relief

I thought I would post something to give us a break or a balance to the stress that some, if not most of us, are under due to the situations in Washington, D.C.

My plate is pretty full for this week so I don’t plan on writing a blog post, (although it might still happen), and my visits to other blogs will be minimal.   Hopefully, next week will be better.


Jokes for Adults


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  1. Two sides to a story

    Sean Hannity, LOL! Can’t make this stuff up! : ]

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    • Hi Two Sides!
      I watched some of that this morning and I suppose because I don’t listen to or watch Hannity, I wasn’t aware that he defended and criticized the FBI’s taking of material from Cohen’s office. On one hand, he argues that he never retained Cohen and Cohen never represented him in a legal matter. In that case, he would have no attorney-client relationship. On the other hand, he says that he asked for Cohen’s legal advice. That might establish an attorney-client privilege.

      It’s a mess.

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  2. Those of us who are not American muse about the turn of events in your country which grates on me – make America grate again was the nice play on words bandied around last year. Take it slowly.

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    • pvcann,
      “Grate” is a good play on words. Americans have not had a rest since election day and frankly, even those who voted for Trump might not vote to re-elect him just so they can get some rest from the daily stress.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly


    I found this slow-motion butterfly video for you. Have a great day!

    Oh, the wonder of nature! 😃

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