Chicago suburb bans assault weapons after Florida massacre

The rest of Illinois should do the same.

The Crusader Journal

AR-15 rifles are displayed for sale at the Guntoberfest gun show in Oaks, Pennsylvania FILE PHOTO – AR-15 rifles are displayed for sale at the Guntoberfest gun show in Oaks, Pennsylvania, U.S., October 6, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

(Reuters) – A Chicago suburb has banned the possession, sale and manufacture of assault weapons and large-capacity magazines in response to the massacre at a Florida high school and other recent mass shootings in the United States.

Residents of Democratic-leaning Deerfield, Illinois have until June 13 to remove any firearms and magazines that fall outside the new restrictions or face a fine of between $250 and $1,000 per day, according to an ordinance passed by the town board on Monday night.

The ban was a direct response to the Feb. 14 killing of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and the student-led campaign for tighter restrictions on guns inspired by the mass shooting, the ordinance said.

The Deerfield decision is likely to…

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Good! Best news yet as far as gun reform!!!

    May the rest of the state and then nation follow suit!

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  2. Hurrah for a sensible district realising that these weapons are of no use in civilian hands. They’re no use in hunting. If every Democratic district did this there would be a lot less AR15’s out there, or maybe not, perhaps Democrats don’t need the comfort of these weapons.Maybe they’re not worried about going to war against their own government. Whatever the truth is, this local law does not impinge on the Second Amendment as it has not banned gun ownership.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    • David,
      There was a lawsuit filed against another town, Highland Park, IL. The federal district court agreed that the town could ban assault weapons and magazines holding more than 10 bullets. The case went to SCOTUS, who refused to hear it.

      It’s reported that 20 municipalities in Illinois have passed their own gun control codes.

      We’re on the move.

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      • It sounds like Illinois is leading the way. Good for them. Let’s see many more follow suit and have the courts back them up.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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        • David,
          Illinois was criticized by gun enthusiasts for being the last state that disallowed carrying guns in public. A woman representing the Illinois State Rifle Association sued. The court agreed with her. Illinois had to enact a Bill allowing conceal carry.

          In the last mayoral race where I live, a candidate campaigned on being a conceal carry instructor. I suppose he assumed that the majority of citizens in this city are pro-gun. When one of his campaigners came to my door, I told him outright that if he supported conceal carry, I was not voting for him. He lost the election.

          The Illinois state legislature has been very busy regarding gun control since the murders in Parkland. Here’s a link to a local news story.

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  3. While the intent may be noble, the ordinance has a fatal 5th amendment defect and will likely be struck down. (deprivation of property without compensation).


    • There’s already a lawsuit, filed 3 days after Deerfield banned assault weapons. The lawsuit is flawed because it depends on Illinois conceal carry that went into effect in 2013. The Illinois statute relied on in the lawsuit allows for municipalities to pass and AMEND ordinances regarding weapons. Deerfield’s position is that its ordinance is an amendment of an existing ordinance.

      The Deerfield ordinance patterns the Highland Park ordinance which you can read here. They cite the Heller decision by SCOTUS that ruled that the Second Amendment does not extend to all types of firearms.

      The NRA sued Highland Park. They lost. SCOTUS refused to hear the case. There’s an article in the Rolling Stone that covers the story.

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  4. A positive move on the right direction. I never understand why civilians need weapons such as the AR-15?

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  5. I hope this banning will make a difference

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  6. crustyolemothman

    Dear Xena,

    While on one hand I applaud the city leaders with have the courage to push thru such a measure, on the other hand it causes me a little angst. Following the political scene for the last few decades, it seems that even hints of several topics coming to pass, cause the right wing to rise up and turn out to vote, the first being anything to do with abortion, and the second anything that would even hint at gun control, and last but not least equal rights for minority members of our society.

    While it has been suggested that a blue wave is about to sweep the elections, is it even remotely possible that this issue could be the item that turns the tide? We have but six short months till the mid term elections and could the GOP with the aid of the now solidly GOPTP controlled SCOTUS swing the vote over to them by virtue of a ruling that any ban would be illegal? I suppose this fear is similar to that which I express during the last election cycle when I questioned were we, for all practical purposes, awakening the sleeping racist majority of our nation by simply asking for fairness for all citizens?

    What I am seeing and hearing from far too many people, is that we are asking for a gun ban that would in effect remove these weapons from peoples hands. We know that is false, but unfortunately we are dealing with a group of propaganda masters that will twist and turn our words and them against us. Perhaps I worry too much, I was told during the last election that I was, and that Hillary had it in the bag and could not lose.. We do not need a repeat of that kind of a major loss…

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    • crustyolemothman

      I have a spell check program on this computer that has a mind of it’s own! I hope that my post above is readable, it seems that my spell check decides when I hit the post comment button that it (and only it) knows what I wanted to say and how to best say it! Perhaps I need to borrow an AR 15 to have a talk with it!!! 😉

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    • Mothman,
      Regarding your comment about spellcheck, I went over your comment and did not find anything misspelled. I did put some lines in to make paragraphs and hope that is alright with you.

      Now, I need my memory refreshed. After Obama was sworn-in in 2009, wasn’t there a Tea Party move that put Republicans in the U.S. Congress? If I remember correctly, what is happening now with the Blue Wave is a likened response that will be active for these mid-terms, but possibly die out soon thereafter. I hope not, but I’ve seen these things happen whenever there is a president that the majority do not want.

      As far as gun control and SCOTUS, it will take someone filing a complaint in a federal district court, losing, then appealing the decision to a federal circuit court and losing there before petitioning SCOTUS to hear the case and reverse. That’s a pretty long process and since, at least, the 7th Circuit has confirmed that banning assault weapons is not a constitutional violation, anyone challenging that will be faced with having that case law against their position.

      In regards to the last presidential election, in August 2016 I received a vision and was told that Trump would win. Everything within me didn’t want that to be true, and I watched the polls hoping they were right. On election night when the results came in, I fell to my knees. The vision was true and there was more to it and I’m seeing things put into place.

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      • crustyolemothman

        Dear Xena,

        It is not so much that it corrects misspelled words, but in many cases it actually changes the word I used regardless of whether or not it is misspelled. Some times I actually am amused to watch my post change before my eyes as I post the comment. Some sites it is not a problem as I can go back and change the word back to what I intended, but alas I can not do so here. As far as changing my sentence and paragraph structure, I would never mind that as I am aging and at times I simply fail to follow the rules of good composition, often because I get a bit lazy… One of the few benefits of old age is being able to use it as an excuse…

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        • Mothman,
          I’m hearing others say the same about having words changed by the system. With so many people now accessing the internet with devices other than computers, I’m never sure if they intend to not but lines in for paragraphs, or if it’s because of the device they use.

          We’re not going to talk about age. LOL!


  7. News out of Boston federal court;

    ” A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging Massachusetts’ ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, saying in a ruling released Friday that the weapons fall beyond the reach of the Second Amendment.

    U.S. District Judge William Young said assault weapons are military firearms and aren’t protected by the constitutional right to “bear arms.” Regulation of the weapons is a matter of policy, not for the courts, he said.”


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  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Bank of America to Stop Financing Makers of Military-Style Guns”


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