Baton Rouge Policeman Fired Over Killing of Alton Sterling

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  1. That’s still not enough.

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    • The Warner,
      You know this country’s history. They put prices on Black bodies. In June or July of last year, Alton’s family filed a civil suit. In January of this year, his family served a subpoena on the Attorney General investigating the incident. It was to conduct discovery to proceed in the civil suit. Then here comes March, and the AG does not charge. That indicates a settlement coming in the civil suit where the state will put a price tag on Alton’s life. It’s like having a person over for dinner who kills a slave. Rather than charging him with murder, he pays for destroying property.

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    I saw the video. As I saw it, Alton was NOT reaching for his pocket. He should never have been shot dead.

    Firing the officer? That’s all?

    They made the decision not to charge the officer WITHOUT interviewing a key witness:

    “Louisiana Didn’t Interview the Person Who Filmed Alton Sterling’s Death Before Clearing Cops of Murder A controversial killing by cops in 2016 won’t be prosecuted by the state’s AG. The investigation leaves several important questions unanswered though.”


    • Yahtzee,
      It was an excessive force investigation. That means they wouldn’t interview certain witnesses. They would reserve that in the event there was charge and a trial. Welcome to the system.

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  3. Totally unsatisfactory. The public need to see every effort has been made to ensure this case is dealt with properly. That includes interviewing all witnesses and providing proof that Alton was carrying a gun, and footage that he was reaching for it.

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    • Well David, see it’s like this …
      Alton had a gun on him. The cop said that Alton was going for his waistband, but it’s not seen on video because the cops were on Alton’s body. That type of close physical contact tells reasonable people that Alton would not have gone for his gun.

      But then, we have other cases of cops and suspects being in close physical contact, the suspect is shot, and the cop says the suspect was going for his gun.

      Maybe cops should be provided with rubber bullets.

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