Ray Of Hope

Ray of Hope is a song written by Eddie Brigati and Felix Cavaliere, two members of the music group known as the Rascals.  The song was released in 1968.   It’s been 50 years, and Felix is still performing.

The message of the Rascals has always been to stand for peace, love, and happiness.  I’ve always said that the Rascals were before their time.  They did not receive much cross-over attention until the release of their song “Groovin'”.   Now, the lyrics they wrote in songs such Ray of Hope ring true again.  For example, in Ray of Hope the lyrics include, “wait my turn ’till I can vote”.  It’s a message that the Parkland High School shooting survivors promote for teens reaching the age to vote to make changes in gun control and to end gun violence.

A Ray of Hope was written for Ted Kennedy after his brothers John and Robert Kennedy were both assassinated.

The video below was posted on Youtube in 2011, after the election of Barack Obama.  The photos included represent the continuation of hope, working to make the Dream come true and importance of voting.

The second video is from a Rascal’s Once Upon A Dream reunion and concert tour that began in December 2012 and ran through the end of 2013.

Hope you enjoy the song.




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  1. chuquestaquenumber1

    Speaking of Parkland survivors. David Hogg is the example of a Ray of Hope. Fox News Commentator/Radio Host Laura Ingraham picked a fight with Parkland survivor David Hogg. Laura thought she could pick a fight with him like she did Lebron james and nothing would happen to her. Well David fought back and got 12 advertisers to drop her show.Her last tweet was of her apologizing to David. That’s not only a ray of hope. It goes to show the impact these kids are having.

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    • Chuquest,
      I saw that on Twitter and to my amazement, those supporting Laura are asking that people stop buying the products of advertisers. In other words, they are asking people to boycott, which is the same thing that David asked, but they believe David is wrong and they are right. (sigh)


  2. chuquestaquenumber1

    Another point David’s dad is a former FBI agent Laura truly didn’t know who she was messing with.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Good Morning, Xena 🙂

    I just came back to this page to listen to Ray of Hope for a third time!

    So glad that you posted it and that you pointed out the line “wait my turn ’til I can vote.”

    It truly IS a timely song for today with the “Vote For Our Lives” movement.

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