Against Bullying Of March For Our Lives Teens

I think that mostly everyone has read or heard about the teens of Parkland High School being denigrated for wanting gun control.  Here’s a bit from an article published in The Guardian.

“And as of this weekend, this group of idealistic young people have officially become the right’s leading hate figures.

The first and most repugnant strategy was to directly attack high-profile campaigners, especially students David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.

Running short of reasoned arguments, many attempted to push conservative buttons with high impact visuals. Alt-right social media company Gab was one of many that disseminated a doctored animation of Gonzalez in which she falsely appeared to be tearing up the US constitution. Cartoonist and Trump sycophant Ben Garrison depicted Hogg as an assault rifle, wielded by CNN, and loaded with Marxism. Breitbart re-published a round of tweets accusing Hogg of throwing a Nazi salute.”

They are being called names that challenge their intelligence and education.  The people doing this must have forgotten that these kids lost people they know.  They were in an active-shooter situation.  If no one has been in an active-shooter situation where people are being killed, let me share the following with you.

We sit back and read and watch television.  They do not give us the smells and sounds of death.  First, there is an active shooter.  No one knows where the bullets are coming from, nor where they are going. No one knows if the shooting is going to stop before reaching them.

Those teens in school on Feb. 14, 2018 when Cruz went on a killing spree not only heard the bullets, they also heard the sounds of those wounded crying for help, and the death gurgles of those dying.  The smells did not only include gun powder.  When there is lots of blood, there is an odor.  When people die, their bowels and bladder empty.

It was not a matter of stepping over or walking around one or two people.  Cruz left 17 dead and I suspect that many died with their eyes open.  He left 16 wounded who didn’t know if they would live another minute.

These are things that those children will never forget.

The children immediately spoke up, and what they received in return from politicians and the NRA was lots of nonsense that did not address their concern to ban assault weapons.   It insulted the intelligence of every person who wants gun control.  Lo and behold, of course race was mentioned in the voices against gun violence.  I’m pretty sure that some folks barely paid attention to the #NeverAgain movement until they heard it included Blacks against gun violence.  Some of these same folks talk about racial division, but here we have a movement of people of all races coming together, and the hypocrites come out and attack the teens.

Those of the #MarchForOurLives Movement coming together has certainly opened opportunities to talk, to share their experiences, and to embrace the realization that death and grief do not discriminate.  Death doesn’t care about skin color.  Death doesn’t care about age.  Death doesn’t pay attention to gender.  It doesn’t care about G.P.A., who your parents are or how much money you have in the bank.

Mankind needs to respect life.   It’s the decent thing to do.



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  1. Such an important post, Xena. It boggles my mind to even imagine how any adult could be so heartless and downright psychopathic, and why anyone would publish such toxic garbage. If we as a nation don’t love and protect all of our children, we don’t have a future.

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    • Carol,
      I was absolutely shocked! If those adults attacking those kids have children of their own, they should ask themselves how they would feel if their children were attacked by adults. They wouldn’t want it done to their kids. The Golden Rule does not exist for those adults. Their own children are watching them and learning that their parents do not respect children.

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      • It is shocking to witness parents behave toward any children with such deliberate cruelty. It does make me wonder, though, how they treat their own children. But bullying does send a message to all children – for some it may say it’s okay, for others it will hopefully send a message about what they don’t want to be when they grow up.

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    • roderick2012

      @ Carol, and imagine that most of those people attacking Hogg and Emma consider themselves ‘pro-life’.

      The sad thing is conservatism is based on fear and hatred something this country has acquiesced to especially since Trump became president.

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    NOTHING will stop the momentum and dedication of this young generation as they work toward their goal of gun reform.

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    • Yahtzee,
      They are very motivated. It’s important that they know that there are adults supporting them because its adults who are attacking them.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Yes! And, they do know that adults are supporting them because, at the rallies on Saturday, all across the nation and at the one I attended, the adults were there in large numbers supporting their movement.

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        • Yahtzee,
          I hope that the support continues. Those attacking the kids need to know also, that their attacks are ugly. There should be a balance.

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          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Yes, their attacks are ugly. Also inhumane and cruel.

            I truly believe that the support will continue…This is powerful…I can feel it!

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          • Yahtzee,
            Because some of the kids will be 18 and can vote, they will make a powerful change. Back in the 60’s and early 70’s, so many of the young people were not 21, and could not vote. This time will be different. Yes — it is powerful.

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  3. These kids are so inspiring. I am of the 60’s generation who protested for an end to war…we all eventually grew up, grew jaded and cynical. These are kids of our children. They learned what grandma and grandpa did to fight for their freedoms and took it step further. Where we shouted, screamed and ended up in fights, our grandchildren are fighting with dignity and grace. they will succeed.

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    • Suze,
      Very true! I’m from the Flower Power generation of the ’60’s. In my senior year of high school, I joined Up With People. You are so correct — when the marriage, the mortgage, and the kids come, the marches and protests become smaller and eventually dwindle out. Then, the purported grown-ups criticized us for looking and dressing differently.

      It’s my impression now that the only reason we don’t see protests against our troops being in Afghanistan is because our military is voluntary. If not for that reason, I’m sure that families of returning military personnel with PTSD, the deceased and the disabled, would also take to the streets in protest of that war.

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      • oh gosh! I was with Up With People! how cool to meet another!

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        • Suze! How wonderful! I was only a member during my senior year. The meetings and rehearsals were difficult to attend at times because they were at a distant from where I lived. It took forever to ride the buses and EL. I did get a chance to perform with the group at the Chicago Civic Center. We were on television! It showed me how young people can make a difference, if for nothing more than our personal lives and how we relate to others.

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        • Suze,
          See if this brings back memories.


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    “This group of idealistic young people have officially become the right’s leading hate figures.
    The first and most repugnant strategy was to directly attack high-profile campaigners, especially students David Hogg and Emma González.”
    #IAmWithTheStudents …

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  5. Two sides to a story

    Whenever I think conservatives and the trolls who manipulate can’t sink any lower, they always do.

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  6. roderick2012

    If you want conservatives to behave like humans then you’re SOL!!!

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    • Roderick,
      I can never seem to understand the position of conservatives. Most that I know in my neck of the woods are opposed to government. Some are opposed to social programs believing that those in need should turn to the churches — but of course so the nosy busy bodies can interject into their personal lives and not because they truly provide any help or assistance to those in need.

      There is an organization in my neck of the woods who collected clothes. Some of the churches, being anti-abortion, encouraged members to donate baby clothes and stuffed toys to that organization for distribution to new mothers. It turned out that the Director of that organization collecting clothes were selling them to a company in Wisconsin who was paying her by the pound. She in turn used the money for her salary. That company in turn sent the clothes to Africa to be sold at markets. The woman who was then Director of that organization was just nominated to run on the GOP ticket for County Clerk. Her demonstration of being a conservative does not encourage me to trust them.


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    This young generation is going to make their vote count!


  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    While active shooter violence should have been protested decades ago, these kids are doing something their parents didn’t. The people that are insulting them will tell you we need to March for the unborn, yet are insulting and mocking the kids that are marching for their own living lives.

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  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    I recommend taking a look at the hashtag #VeteransForGunReform on Twitter.

    Also this video:


  10. Yep. Of course the trolls had to bring up race, and they had to bring up Emma’s race and sexuality, too. People are so sad and shallow :/

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  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    The March For Our Lives movement is doing a great job staying on message.

    They are marching for tighter gun laws and they are going to vote out legislators (federal and state) who are not supportive of gun reform.

    The voice of this young generation is LOUD and CLEAR. No way can their voices be silenced by the horrid adult bullying and lying against them!


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