Republicans in Congress reject new gun limits

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  1. “the NRA, which spent $55 million in the 2016 election.”

    Hey Hey NRA, How many Kids did you Kill Today?

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  2. After yet another refusal to look at reasonable measures to ensure some gun safety then the Republicans will have earned what will happen to them in the mid-term elections as well as hopefully the 2020 election. Raising the age of buying a gun to 21 is not unreasonable. It’s no less important than making drinking legal at that age.Even just making the buying of weapons like the AR15 illegal until 21 would help. Batter background checks is also a reasonable move and none of these would really impact on the NRA or weapons sales.Incidentally, I was surprised to find out who actually owns the NRA yesterday, an arms manufacturer. Who would believe it.
    If the Republicans can’t be persuaded to enact laws to protect the public because they’re bought and paid for by the NRA, then it’s time they were allowed to leave Congress to better serve their masters.

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Dick’s retail stores are raising the age limit for buying their guns to 21 and are also stopping the selling of assault rifles in their stores:

    I hope other stores do the same.

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  4. Before this is all over only the gun runners will be left

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  5. crustyolemothman

    Time out! If you take all my assault type guns away, how am I ever to be expected to wage war against that communistic, Nazi infested, liberal pack of wolves in congress? Do you really expect me to lie down when they force me to accept that my neighbors have the same rights as I do, even when their skin color is not the same and some of them are actually Gay and try to violate my constitutional rights to refuse to allow those horrible people to marry and such? What ever am I to do…. 😉

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  6. This one was really good. lol :o)

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  7. Dreamer9177

    The money that the NRA pours into the RWNJ coffers must enable them to sleep well at night with the medications drowning out the screams of the victims.


    • Dreamer,
      I don’t think they have a conscience. Their hearts and minds have hardened like concrete. Just knowing that those babies at Sandy Hook were killed, and some of their little faces were blown to bits by the bullets, should have been enough to soften their hearts, but it didn’t.


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