EDITORIAL: Will we let a small man take down a good man? — Chicago Sun-Times

They think they’re going to take down Bob Mueller? Have at it. Robert Mueller, the Justice Department special counsel leading an investigation into Russia’s screwing around in last year’s presidential election, signed up to fight in Vietnam. Donald Trump dodged the draft. Bone spurs. EDITORIAL In 1968, Mueller earned a Bronze Star for the courageous…

via EDITORIAL: Will we let a small man take down a good man? — Chicago Sun-Times

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  1. This letter says it all! So worth the read. Thank you for posting this. It has reached the level of disgusting what some on the right are willing to allow for this ‘man’ to hold the highest office in our land. They have turned our country into a carnival led by a clown. They have surely lost their minds.


    • Mindyme,
      “Disgusting” is right. I’m sickened that he is an embarrassment to our country. If Congress doesn’t do something soon as our Legislative Branch, we might have to kiss this Republic good-bye because we will be in a dictatorship.


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