Amid tensions over memo, Trump attacks top U.S. law enforcement

The theme or concentration seems to be that Russia helped to have Donald Trump elected as president.  What people are not addressing is WHY.  It is my impression and opinion that the reason for Russia interference in the election is what Trump wants to keep hidden. 

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  3. crustyolemothman

    Dear Xena,

    I have read the Memo, written by GOP staff with possible assistance from the White House staff, and have yet to discover the incriminating evidence that we were led to believe was to be found. Can anyone tell me what portion of the Memo is not simply rehashed talking points from King Donnie and FOX news that we have heard over and over for the last year? Even if the Steel Dossier was used to an extent to obtain the first warrant (but it seems to have been released after the first warrant had been issued), have these people not read their own law that says any subsequent warrant must be backed up with evidence to support the validity of the first warrant… in other words if the first info was not good then no new warrant would be issued, and any additional extension of this warrant or new warrant would have to be backed up with good evidence, not simply conjecture or political talking points… Guess what folks, the evidence is there or the warrant would not be issued. If King Donnie has nothing to hide then why is he working so hard to hide something that is already hidden?


    • Mothman,
      I haven’t watched Fox cable news since Hannity interviewed Zimmerman. LOL! This afternoon, I watched some of CNN and MSNBC. It sounds to me as if Trump wants to force the FBI into defending itself, which would mean to expose who they have talked with and what they have uncovered. If this is true, then it gives Trump a head’s up on his defense and talking points for those such as Carter to sway whatever they say to Mueller’s team.

      Trump is a classic bully and abuser, and they have the characteristic to put others on the defense. Doing so gives them more information that they can use to flip, twist, and turn in effort to paint others as liars and to point fingers.

      This is a mess. Our country has been in stress mode since election night 2016.


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