FBI deputy resigns early after Trump criticism

The revolving door continues.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Andrew McCabe is stepping down early from his post as Deputy Director, an FBI official United States President Donald Trump has accused of political bias, according to reports released on Monday. 

U.S. media reported the coming resignation early afternoon, citing staff sources at the bureau, news that comes a week after news broke that Mr. Trump wanted him out of his position

The deputy was eligible to retire in March 18, but with accumulated leave, he is able to step down earlier.

Trump did not respond to a reporters inquiry at the White House, but Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the decision was not made by Trump or the White House during a press briefing on Monday.

“The president wasn’t part of this decision making process,” Sanders said.

Mr. McCabe was the acting FBI director for a short while after the president fired the current…

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  1. We are defended by “cotton candy” soldiers. One whiff, one puff, one swipe, one breeze, and they melt away.

    Why does decency have no FIGHTERS? Why are all the WARRIORS on the side of evil, corruption, degradation, and carnage?

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  2. not a resignation. a strategy.

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  3. What a mess. Don’t ya miss having a president with integrity, honor, etiquette and brains?

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    • Screw him (t’Rump) I know what he is. Got it, deal with it as it comes up. What the hell about our “Champions”!!!?

      Why is it the first ill wind that blows, they fade away to dust? Like this one. How come the vile have fighters, warriors!, and all we ever seem to have is sheep and rabbits!

      Being smarter, being more “enlightened”, being kinder, more “open” only gets you buried!

      Ask any indigenous person. Ask any cop!

      No, I mean it! They are not all a**holes. Some of them really do fight for good. They will tell you.

      Good guys tend to be slower to fight, weaker. (Though… there are spectacular exceptions!)

      While the “ignorant”, the “unenlightened” build palatial homes on “used-to-be-somebody-else’s” land, the good people, the decent people, the compassionate, evolved people move back in with Mom. Or share a house with 6 strangers.

      When do we either get someone to FIGHT for us, or learn to FIGHT!?


  4. A strategy indeed. The Trump regime would like to rid the like of decent patriot, erode our federal agencies, place their own sheeples in them and get rid of Mueller before he get to Trump. I am ashamed of our republican congress, traitors.

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    • It looks as if the GOP wants to rid the United States of the FBI. Taking away that agency means that there will be no law enforcement agency in America to investigate violations of federal law. The GOP most likely wants to replace it with a Gestapo type of agency. Congress cannot allow this to happen. They speak for the people of America and America is crying out to them to restore the rule of law.

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      • It seems the republican members of Congress have become Trumps eunuchs. They obviously think that basket of deplorable s that continue to support the swamp will reels them in Nov. Trump refuses to take any action against the Russian interference so perhaps we will continue to have a illegitimate president and his cohorts. Trump needs to be removed from office now.

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        • Trump mainly appeals to people who live in a vacuum of their small worlds, cut-off from the daily reality of others. That is why when he lies, his supporters believe him. So, when he says there was no collusion, they believe him.

          You and Mothman (in a comment below) mention about Trump and impeachment. I agree with Mothman on the issue that we do not need Pence in office. On the other hand, I agree with you that Trump needs to be removed. A year down the road, one might not be able to recognize this country from Hitler’s Germany.

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          • It sickens me to imagine Pence our President and Ryan the next option (bobble head as I like to call him). I think we should do away with the theater of the State of the Union address…a captive audience to this man’s lies and exaggerations. When the Right began shooting USA USA, shivers ran up my spine, I recall the crowds gathering to hear Hitler shouting “Deutschland Uber alles”.


          • The State of the Union was suppose to tell us what the federal government has done, and what it plans to do. What Trump did, among other things, is introduce guests, such as the officer who adopted the child born to a drug addicted mom. What Trump didn’t do is say what he has introduced to Congress to help addicted folks get rehab help. It was the same with the man who defected from North Korea. If I’m not mistaken, Trump’s travel ban applies to North Korea so if that man wanted entry to the U.S. today, chances are he would not receive it.

            Yes — those shouts of “USA” startled me too. Mantras such as “USA” were inspiring after 911 because we had a common enemy attacking on U.S. soil. Last night, they sounded like the promotion of Trump as dictator.

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          • Exactly. Coming together as a unified nation is not happening now. The State of the Union address should be ended, it is a captive audience either appalled or applauding Trump’s lies and exaggerations.


  5. crustyolemothman

    Dear Xena,

    Look at the bright side, at least they are not putting one of the FBI agents that were from NY that attempted to stab Hillary in the back in his place!

    Now for something a little more amusing (well to some it might be) I think that they have found tRumps long lost relative, check out this link. Kinda looks like him, or at least the color and the hands!


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    • Mothman,
      Ahhhh — you mean, Trump doesn’t use the same scales? Almost his every word praises those who voted for him, while putting down those who did not. As it concerns Hillary, Trump sounds like the big gorilla beating his chest. Never before have I witnessed an elected official continue bashing his opponent like Trump is doing. I would say that I’m embarrassed by him, but that is only a fraction of what I feel.

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      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, If one listens to tRump and his words about Mz. Clinton, you could only wonder if he actually realizes that the election is over and he was placed in the office. I would say he was elected, but quite honestly, I question the validity of the ballot count in several states. I will say one thing that we need to think about real seriously, we should not seek to impeach him, only to reveal his true nature for all the world to see. We do not want to have Pence assume the office, and the need to win the midterm elections to effectively neuter the power that tRump holds until the next presidential election cycle would be the smart move!

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        • What Trump is doing by attacking Hillary is like a divorced man who consistently criticizes his ex-wife in the presence of his current wife. He does that in hopes of scaring the current wife so she won’t be denigrated by divorcing him. In other words, it’s intimidation towards Democrats and Independents who run against him.

          I commented above about Trump and impeachment. I agree with you that we don’t need Pence. But, I also agree that Trump should be removed from office before this country becomes Hitler’s Germany.

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