Government shuts down as Trump feuds with Democrats

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  3. What upset me was that the democrats tried to exempt the military however Mitch McConnell blocked the bill. Then tRump and McConnell say that the democrats are holding the military hostage. So wrong, but people who don’t check will believe it. Hugs

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    • Scottie, that is true. Hopefully, the members of our Armed Forces will not be kept in the dark and they will know who is behind not approving their wages during the shutdown.

      Trump’s argument is that Democrats are putting illegal immigration before the military. As it concerns DACA however, saying it is illegal immigration is like the argument of what came first, the chicken or the egg. The children, some infants, of immigrants who came to or remained in this country illegally, had no control over their parents’ action. A promise was made to them under DACA and as you pointed out previously on another post, it was Trump who terminated those privileges. He didn’t have to. He created the problem.

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