Another Truth About Donald Trump 

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  1. crustyolemothman

    Dear Xena, I suppose it would be a stretch to think tRump would join any club that requires him to actually read a book! I suppose that Fox News might establish a new read to the POTUS group that reads books for him, however they will have to break the book into three word episodes so he does not fall to sleep while listening…


    • Mothman,
      One of the things reported in the book is that Trump didn’t want to win the election. I agree with that to a certain point, while trying to reconcile what he said in 1998-1999 that he would only run if he knew he could win. There’s something else too — if he didn’t want to win and did things to discourage voters from electing him, but he was elected anyway, then that turns focus to Russia’s interference.

      We certainly have a president who has abandoned his office only using it as a platform for rudeness.

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