Trump rejects author’s accusations, calls self ‘stable genius’

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An employee of Book Culture book store unloads copies of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" by author Michael Wolff inside the store in New York An employee of Book Culture book store unloads copies of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” by author Michael Wolff inside the store in New York, U.S. January 5, 2018. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

By Steve Holland

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday rejected an author’s accusations that he is mentally unfit for office and said his business career and election victory showed he is “a very stable genius.”

Michael Wolff, who was granted unusually wide access to the White House during much of Trump’s first year, has said in promoting his book that Trump is unfit for the presidency. He told BBC Radio in an interview broadcast on Saturday that his book is creating “the perception and the understanding that will finally end … this presidency.”

Trump battled back in a series of extraordinary morning posts on Twitter, which appeared to catch some in his inner…

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  1. Typical arrogant denials. The tRump administration thinks just because they say something we the people must believe them and agree with it. They are wrong. Hugs

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    • Scottie,
      Yes. Trump’s life has consisted of surrounding himself with people who he felt looked up to him. “Yes” men and women. His retaliatory character of making personal attacks and denigration of others prevented them from telling him the truth. When he feels someone is not in agreement with him, he comes on like a used car salesman and because they walk away rather than argue, he deceives himself to think he is being honest.

      That might have carried over well for him in his personal and business life, but not when he is the leader of the United States.

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  2. When I read the quote from T this morning, I just shook my head in wonder. When I read your post, the other meaning of the word “stable” came to mind. Perhaps compared to a chicken, cow or sheep he’s a genius? No, animals seem to have much more sense…

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    • Carol,
      There’s something very telling about Trump’s statement in his defense. He is conveying that only when he is in a decision making position do those under his authority think he is “smart”. He wants loyalty, not because he has the best interests of the people, but because they are suppose to advance his personal best interests.

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      • crustyolemothman

        Mz. Xena, This dishonest fool we have allowed to defile the White House is under the impression that because he signs the checks (but does not do that now) that people must be loyal to him! He fails to understand that you can not buy loyalty and any loyalty that a person gives him disappears as soon as the person no longer is under his thumb!
        Did you ever give any thought as to what would happen if some of the settlements that he has made (especially the ones involving sexual accusations) were to be unsealed?

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        • Mothman,
          What you say, I agree with, and will add that his skin isn’t thick enough to be in any position that can be criticized.

          I truly don’t know if unsealing the settlements would persuade his die-hard supporters. Truly, what I see about them is that they only support Trump as the person who beat Obama, although Obama was not and could not run for a third term. They’re using comparisons in a very unfair and prejudicial manner because they do not compare the fixes that Obama did to the harms caused by the Bush administration.

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  3. During the campaign, Jesse Ventura supported Trump. He is not speaking out against the wall, and against the violation of state rights pertaining to legalizing marijuana.

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  4. ‘Stable Genius’. A legend in his own mind is what he is.

    While listening to him speak today about our Libel laws I was thinking ‘be careful what you wish for’ because no one tells more untruths than he does.


  5. Based on Fire and Fury, this is a president who doesn’t read or listen and finds experts disdainful. His source of information is TV and hearsay from his staff. The latter learned to stroke his ego to get their pet project done.

    I suspected Trump had mental issues but after reading the book, I’m think he is delusional.

    He also has tantrums and spends most of time plotting against reporters who gave him bad press. He seems to get unhinged over minor slights to his ego. Foreign leaders know that flattering Trumps’ ego and money will get them what they want.

    Who is really leading the country? Jared and Ivanka, Rupert Murdoch, Kissinger, Paul Ryan, Sean Hannity and his wealthy friends who give him advice at Mar-a-Lago. We need to end his presidency ASAP before this country implodes.


    • I haven’t read that book, but knew from early on during the primaries that Trump doesn’t want to lead America — he wants to entertain her. Being president requires much more than running a business. He isn’t suppose to be working for himself but for the American people, and that’s not anything that Trump is emotionally and mentally capable of doing, in my opinion. He sees one group only — his supporters, and the hell with other Americans.

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      • I totally agree with your points Xena. It’s embarrassing to have him as potus. He has never served anyone but himself and his family. Sadly that hasn’t changed with him as potus.

        The book stressed that he and his team didn’t think they’d win. He ran to get a footing in media and didn’t follow the usual protocols. Why bother if you’re not gonna win?

        He had no experience and neither did 99% of the people recruited to run his campaign. Most were selected for him by his elite wealthy friends—Roger Ailes and the Mercer’s. Running for President was a means to get more leverage in the form of money and power.


        • Angela,
          If we went by the polls, it looked as if Trump was losing. That’s the only reason too that I can gather as to why he didn’t think he would win. But, I remember in 1999 when Trump hooked up with Jesse Ventura that he stated during an interview that he would only run for president if he “knew” he could win. I should go to youtube an find that video of his interview because he also said that certain conditions in this country would need to be right.

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          • The conditions were over ripe. He was running against a woman with a known history of corruption and untimely, suspicious deaths surrounding her. If you find the video please share.


            • Angela,
              Here is one of the videos from 1999 where Trump said he would only run for President if he knew he would win.

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            • Thanks Xena, I have to view it on my laptop. The link doesn’t work on my phone.


            • Oh-oh. See if it works now. I removed the part so thumbnail videos won’t show after the video plays. That extra part sometimes disables Youtube videos from playing on devices other than computers. Sorry.

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            • Looks like he wanted to be potus since 1999. He was always a pompous a*hole. There was one video with him and Melania. She smiled, seemed happy and looked alive as opposed to now where she looks like a mannequin.

              Xena, thanks for sharing the video


  6. Btw, where is his tax return now that he is president? Obama not only submitted his tax return like all 43 presidents before him but because of Trump he showed the people his birth certificate and even then Trump questioned his grades at Harvard and the validity of the birth certificate. How about Trump show his tax return?


    • We can forget about Trump’s tax returns. It reminds me of something my late husband used to say; you never let anyone move-in with promises of paying security and remaining portions of the first month’s rent. Responsible people who want something get prepared for it. Once they are in, it will cost the Landlord more money to get them evicted.

      I think that applies to Trump and now with the investigations, it’s costing American taxpayers.

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      • Hi Xena, that’s an excellent point. Hope midterm election will make it easier.


        • Voters have no option as this time other than to vote Democrat to get the GOP out of their power positions. It’s my hope that those who are truly progressive form their own political party to give voters better choices.

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          • Again totally agree. That is how I felt in 2016. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either. I voted for Jill Stein. I hoped for a third party of independents but that will be hard. The media makes that almost impossible by excluding them from coverage and debates. Further, most third party candidates don’t have the funds or research to get their message out.

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            • Angela,
              We have something in common. I neither wanted to vote for Clinton nor Trump. I did see Stein in an interview and became shaken when she began all answers with “So …”

              I live in Illinois that has been a blue state in presidential elections since JFK. I could have voted for Mickey Mouse and Clinton would still have carried the state.

              It’ true about 3rd party candidates and funding. Even Bernie Sanders who is an Independent joined the Democrat party to make his bid — and I did vote for him in the primary.


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