Jones certified U.S. Senate winner despite Moore challenge

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  2. Dear Xena,

    These Trump like republicans are sore losers. They don’t know how to walk away with some dignity. That’s probably because they have to know what dignity is.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda,
      Moore made the election personal, not wanting minorities to have the right to voice their choice on the ballot. The court apparently recognized that and denied his challenge. What Trump apparently didn’t realize is that his support for Moore no doubt persuaded some Republicans to vote for Jones or stay at home. Listen to his speech — it reeks with the message, “vote someone in who will be loyal to me.”

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  3. may yours & our
    new years find freedom
    from being trumped 🙂

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  4. I want this nightmare to be over, having this carnival barker as our President. What have we become, as a nation, to allow him to sit in our WH. An honor once held by a man with integrity class tact and honor. SMDH. I will never accept this.

    Am so glad Moore was trounced.


    • Mindyme,
      I don’t think that Trump realizes that Moore was doing better in the poles until he came out in his support. In the primary, Trump supported the other guy against Moore, and the other guy lost. So, what this should have shown Moore and Trump is that it was not because of minorities voting in the election with Jones that caused Jones to win. It was Republicans who are frustrated and no longer trust Trump who helped defeat Moore.


  5. Some “Evangelicals” were shamed into doing what they should have done by Devine premise in the beginning and shunned him. That does not eliminate the bald fact that Blacks kicked his a**. “Slavery brought families closer”, or some such crap he spoke was a goad to Black voters. Members of the community saw a clear chance to make a difference in a place and at a time when they felt helpless and overpowered and they ACTED, they MOVED!

    True, they had had help, support, and encouragement from outside their oppressed and downtrodden milieu, but THEY took action and THAT is what gave Jones the victory.

    This in spite of an inherited legacy of broken promises for a better future by local and regional politicians.

    Now we will see how true Mr. Jones’s shining words were. It is likely that they will be as worthless as those of his predecessors. He is already beginning to distance himself from the people who won him this election.

    And the beat goes on.


    • It is true. The promises of most politicians are as good as a wooden nickle in a Vegas slot machine. The system is so deeply buried in that dirt that I personally don’t see how any small number of elected politicians can do anything good for the people they represent.


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