Happy Holidays 2017

Season Greetings

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukah

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Holidays

Peace on Earth; Good Will to all Mankind.

Along with wishing everyone joy and peace,  I also want to take this time to thank blog followers and participants.    thank-you I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ll probably be off and on but have no plans of writing blog posts until after the first of the year.  I still plan to be on Twitter posting links of headlines.  If you’re not following me, my handle is @XenaBb7.

Remember those who are spending this holiday for the first time without a loved one, as well as those whose grief continues from previous years.  Send them love and positive energy.

Here’s a video I posted last year.  It is one of my favorites.  Here’s hoping it brings a smile to your heart.



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  1. Xena, Happy holidays to and yours, and have a great break, see you in the new year. Take care. Regards Bella

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thanks, Xena. Enjoy your time these next two weeks, each and every day. I will check your twitter posts which you have showing in the right column here. That scroll feature on the Twitter box is nice.

    May all of you here be filled with warmth, good times with friends and family, emotional uplift and spiritual refreshment, and be able to put a personal touch on those things you choose to celebrate.

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  3. Happy holidays and thanks. I have not seen the video before. Best wishes. Hugs

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  4. Merry Christmas! Have a joyful holiday season, and a relaxing break from blogging!

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  5. Too cute!!

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  6. Happy Holidays Xena. May all your dreams and wishes this season come to pass. Have a blast.

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  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    May now and the coming year be

    for you, Xena, and Everyone 🙂

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  8. Aman Thakur


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  9. crustyolemothman

    Dear Xena, and members of this blog, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year! While I have not been posting much recently, I do still read the posts here and perhaps in the new year, I will start posting once again!

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  10. This is an oldie but goodie, I still laugh til I cry almost every time I watch it, again.

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  11. HA!

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  12. Dear Xena,

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! May this Holiday Season be full of surprises and cheers because you deserve the very best. Thanks for all that you do.

    French Joyeux Noël
    Italian Buon Natale

    Spanish (Españo)

    Feliz Navidad or Nochebuena (which means ‘Holy Night’ – Christmas Eve)

    Norwegian God Jul or Gledelig Jul
    Israel – Hebrew Chag Molad Sameach (חג מולד שמח)
    meaning Happy festival of the Birth

    Irish – Gaelic Nollaig Shona Dhuit

    German Frohe Weihnachten

    Mandarin Sheng Dan Kuai Le (圣诞快乐)

    Arabic Eid Milad Majid (عيد ميلاد مجيد)
    Which means ‘Glorious Birth Feast

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda,
      It’s certainly been filled with surprises. My hot water heater has broken and I can’t get anyone to replace it after Christmas. Then, I had to call out an HVAC company because my furnace was struggling to put out heat. That was an awful scare. I can always boil water but I can’t set fires in my house. 🙂 At least the furnace was fixed.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Whew! That is a lot to be dealing with. I am glad to know that your furnace is fixed and that you will have heat.

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        • Yahtzee,
          It’s not a lot to deal with — just a lot of phone calls during the holiday season when people are on vacation, or have full schedules, or don’t return calls, or want to be paid triple-time. Stuff like that. LOL!

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      • crustyolemothman

        Mz. Xena, Now I remember why I have never removed my wood burning heater! I live in a very rural area, and any sudden change in the weather causes me to lose electric service, and in the last few years I have become very adverse to freezing! Glad to hear that they did at least fix your heat, as you said, you can heat water but a fire built in the front room causes a few problems you probably don’t want to deal with! Stay warm and enjoy your holiday!!

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        • Mothman,
          LOL! A funny thing is that the other night, I watched the movie Imitation of Life and they talked about living in a “cold water flat”. I thought those type of rentals must have been usual back in the 1950’s. It’s amazing how we become accustomed to living with conveniences such as electricity, hot water heaters and furnaces. We’ve come a long way since the days of log cabins and water wells. How did those generations ever survive? 🙂

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  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    Lighting the world with love, peace, joy, caring, and kindness

    Letting the light shine …

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  14. First the natural, then the spiritual. 1 Corinthians 15:46

    Christ in us is our hope of glory. Colossians 1:27

    Christ is not a religion nor limited to any religion. It is the anointing of God, who is Creator of all things. The anointing is the nature and ways of God as shown to us by Jesus who did no evil, forgave all, and sought not to convert anyone before healing them. He sat with and talked with those who others considered sinners.

    Christ is not in the manger. Let us follow the path of Christ in birthing forth his nature and ways in us, through us. Galatians 4:19


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Thanks for sharing that, Xena.

      Oh, how I would always wish to be receptive to the “Nature and Ways of God!”

      May hearts hear the tidings of Comfort and Joy!

      May hearts be birthed and grow in Love, Compassion, Truth, and Light.

      May hearts be imbued with LOVE and then touch the world with healing and kindness.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I love this recording of O Holy Night! It is sung from their hearts. Thanks for posting it, Xena.

      Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth
      A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
      For yonder breaks a new glorious morn

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  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    ” ‘Tis The Season To Be Kind”


    ” Many people around me are kind people. They are kind to those around me and genuinely care about others. I recognize I am in a unique community as my college is a small, Christian liberal arts institution that attracts a very specific type of person.

    “However, there is something I do notice among even the most sincere and kindest of these people, very few are willing to stand up to unkindness. Some people want to be liked by everyone, or simply are passive, thinking that passivity is somehow attached to kindness. It’s not. Kindness also means removing unkindness. It means not only being kind yourself, but standing up to those who are unkind. Anyone who has been a victim of bullying or some sort of unfair treatment doesn’t remember the passive bystander as being kind, even if that person never did anything to them or even didn’t agree with it. They do remember the person who stood up for them. Which person do you want to be?”

    Here is a video inspirational video: “Incredible act of kindness shows people do care”

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  16. That’s really something right there 😀😁🎅🤶Happy Holidays and A Prosperous New Year!


  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!


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