No More Roy Moore: Democrat Doug Jones Wins in Alabama

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In an incredibly close special election for United States Senator from Alabama former Judge Roy Moore lost to former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones.

Moore who lost the election had been credibly accused by multiple women of sexual assault when they were minors had previously been removed twice from his office as the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for violations of the U.S. Constitution and rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court. Yet Moore, capitalizing on the votes of white Evangelical Christians defeated the very conservative Luther Strange in the Republican primary charged into the special election primed to win the seat of now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Alabama has not elected a Democrat to the Senate since Hal Heflin was re-elected and retired in 1996. Sessions then won the election to replace Heflin.

Despite everything the mitigated against Moore it seemed that the closing…

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  1. Fantastic News, Congratulations America.

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  2. Wow, I guess Alabama voters are a little more sane than I thought!

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    • Robert,
      I made attempts to stay quiet during campaigning because I don’t reside in Alabama. When the allegations of sexual abuse came out, I stayed quiet because if I were a voter in Alabama, that would not sway me. I would not have voted for Moore because of his history when he sat on the bench. Also, because of his statement about repealing constitutional amendments and slavery being a time when families had unity. Heck! Did he forget that families in slavery were separated and sold off, even across states?

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      • Yes, I agree. The sexual allegations aside, Moore was too radical and his history too problematic even for many Republicans. And, the GOP establishment was opposed to his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Still, it is worrisome that someone with such extreme views, which appear to align with the Christian Identity movement (see:, could rise to political prominence in America.

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        • Robert,
          I think that many voters have finally caught on to the lies and scare tactics of some politicians. As an example, the 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere. The scare tactic that Dems are going to take away guns is blowing smoke.

          As another example, Repubs have talked against legalized abortion since the 1980’s. Legalized abortion was established by a SCOTUS decision and no one has standing to ask for reversal because if they don’t want an abortion, they have a choice not to have one.

          Many have caught on to the fact that gay rights isn’t about sex, but equality under the law. Same sex couples should be allowed to marry so their spouse has beneficiary rights the same as straight couples.

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      • I don’t have any idea what you mean when you say that you refrained from comment because you do not live in Alabama. I live in America, if an issue has national consequence, you bet I have a stake, an opinion, and a voice! Hell, even if it is not a national issue, I am part of this society. Responsible FOR it, and TO it. If an atrocity, or an injustice, takes place in Cleveland, Houston, Macon, Austin, Jackson, or Boston It is my RIGHT and my DUTY to DO something! SAY something!

        And — I think that applies to ALL of us. We are not just PASSENGERS here. The crew is besotted and gone derelict! We either grab hold and work together, coming to one another’s aid as HERO’S

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        • Livesaneblog,
          I refrained from commenting about Moore and particularly the sexual abuse allegations, because I have no power to vote in Alabama. We have local elections coming up in March, and I’ve been researching on candidates, and there is one who I personally know isn’t able to poor urine from a boot. Thus, I’ve been doing more on a local level that effects my own county and state and it requires direct contact.


  3. I wonder if Trump regrets appointing Jeff Sessions, leaving his seat open to be won by a Democrat?

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    • Well, so far he’s lost twice in this race, they’ve probably got him doped up to keep him off Twitter. I can see him bouncing off the walls right now, maybe he’ll have an aneurysm or something. #HeresHoping :o)

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  4. A little light. A little hope. It keeps us going when all seems lost. Thus we’re still here; after every generation has had to face and defy the users and abusers who would trample our humanity into the dust for whatever their “very good reason”. We Are Still Here! WE carry Life, Dignity, and Human Decency into the dark unknown.

    Bravo! I am so proud to be part of you all!

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Great news!

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  7. Oh. I promise that this is my last spontaneous post on this entire unwholesome matter. It’s just that it seems to me that an important bud has sprouted and perhaps been missed in the glare of ‘Big Movers’.

    Some people that they felt they could possibly trust asked a service of the Black people of Alabama. As they have many, many, times in the past.

    After considering for a time, the Black Alabama voters decided to once again answer the call. Despite the fact that over, and over again, they have been lied to, and discarded once their petitioner had what they wanted, they massed, they assembled, and they voted. Despite the insults, obstruction, and contempt of those in power, they voted.

    Make no mistake. Don’t get it twisted. THEY. Are Why Moore lost. HIs sneers at their heritage of oppression and pain did not go unnoticed. His smug approval of their generations of degradation and abuse was discussed.

    — And they spoke. It has yet to be seen whether or not Mr. Jones will be just another ‘Promiser” who tosses them aside now that he has what he needed from them, or if he will be a person of integrity, fairness, and honor.

    Either way, the people who GAVE him his chance have seen it all before. And they will be watching.

    It is a lesson Mrs. Clinton would have done well to heed from within her campaign “citadel”.

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  8. No wonder the fRight Wing has tried so hard to suppress the vote of people of color!

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Mindy, I agree with what you wrote here:

      “No wonder the fRight Wing has tried so hard to suppress the vote of people of color!

      Just look at what was happening on Tuesday, December 12 and yet Doug Jones STILL won:
      “Black voters in Alabama are getting blocked from voting at polls”

      One Alabama voter, Annalise, recorded a video detailing her struggles with poll workers this year, despite not having any trouble during the presidential election in 2016. Annalise explained that she went to vote using the same photo ID — which expires 2024 — she used to vote in 2016, but faced a number of additional questions regarding her address and the color of her hair, as well as where she worked.

      …Another Alabama voter, Brittany, returned to a polling place she has voted at her entire life — including in November 2016 — only to find that she and a number of other longtime residents had been marked inactive.

      …A similar situation of voters being inexplicably marked inactive was also noted in a precinct in Dothan, AL, where multiple voters were told they needed to fill out provisional ballots instead.

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