It’s December 1st. Start to get into the Holiday Cheer

Friends, participants, visitors,

Many of us have stressed out over what is happening in politics.  From healthcare to taxes to a number of other issues, we have reason to be concerned.  Everyday, there seems to be something new.  This doesn’t include hearing and/or reading the rude, cruel tweets of our President.

From now until after the first of the year,  I will no doubt reblog from time to time and see if we can share a bit of joy to relieve the stress.   Starting off, here’s a Christmas song by Stevie Wonder and Andra Day.


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  1. Beautiful.. so important to focus on goodness because doom and gloom will always be here at this time of the cycle. But we should carry our sunshine with us regardless otherwise life will be way to hard..focus on goodness in world and ensure we are good alwats and kind it makes life easier for all.

    Today i collected a few things from the post office wished the clerk a happy day and thank you.. bless him.. he saud i hope so and i said oh, he said it can get so stressful at times..

    It made me feel i need smile and wish everyone a good day regardless .. cause it might just light up their day

    Great song and happy to have it on repeat

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Xena, I really like your Christmas border decoration here! Thanks for bringing in the Christmas season with your decorations and the great spirit of the Stevie Wonder song!

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