Texas victim’s family files first claim against U.S. Air Force over church massacre

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  1. chuquestaquenumber1

    This is good . I hope they include the FBI because both agencies are culpable. FBI officials also allowed white active shooter William Atchinson who killed 2 Hispanics at a New Mexico school to commit this crime. Atchinson was visited by FBI officials because he was online talking about wanting to shoot people,asking where to buy a gun,honoring Klebold and Harris(Columbine killers)etc. Yet FBI officials didn’t take him seriously.


    • Hi Chuquest!
      Constitutional rights are like a pendulum that swings both ways. It protects those who have not committed crimes, even when there are indicators that they plan doing so. If Atchinson could legally purchase an assault rifle, then the hands of LE and FBI were tied. I read that Atchinson was not on the radar with local LE, so no one was keeping a watch on him.

      Also, I suppose his writings about wanting to die were not discovered until after he killed the 2 students. Talk like that can sometimes have the person admitted for mental health assessment. He sent out all the signals, almost as if he was asking for help or to be stopped. His writings also included hate speech, and hate mixed with guns and suicidal thoughts are dangerous. He didn’t respect his own life nor the lives of others.

      Atchison’s behavior also falls on the slippery slope of free speech. We read lots of hate speech online, and when those things are posted on a social media site that allows and encourages it, LE doesn’t usually step-in although they keep watch. But, we are seeing a pattern where participation on such sites coupled with speech of killing lead to shootings because of race, religion, national original.

      I don’t have the answer to resolve these things but for now, do think that those who sell guns need to establish a moral basis before exchanging tools of death for money.


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