Pending Matters and Open Discussion

Dear friends and visitors,

Here’s heartfelt appreciation to all followers and participants.  Words cannot express my appreciation.

Here are some things happening;

Mesa Police Department officer Philip Brailsford is on trial for the killing of Daniel Shaver.   I’ll post on it when the jury hands in a verdict.

The jury is deliberating in the federal trial of three Boynton Beach police officers accused of violating the civil rights of a passenger in a vehicle.   If they reach a verdict tomorrow, I’ll blog it on Monday.

Charleston, West Virginia officer Stephen Doss plead guilty to failing to use his lights and sirens in a crash that killed 80-year old Dora Clarke.  Doss initially faced a charge of negligent homicide which carries a one year prison sentence and $100 fine.  His plea carries a maximum sentence of 10 days in jail.  Sentencing is scheduled for December 7, 2017.  Last week, the Charleston City Council approved a $675,000 settlement for a wrongful death claim that followed Doss’ accident.

After failing to appear in court on Tuesday, Loveland, Colorado police Sgt. Justin Chase is headed to trial on November 14, 2017.  He is charged with harassment and third-degree assault for allegedly using excessive force.

Last week, former DeKalb County Georgia corrections officer Charles Pinckney was found guilty on charges of statutory rape, child molestation and sexual battery.  Pinckney was a no-show on the last day of trial and has fallen off the radar.  A warrant has been issued and the U.S. Marshall is on his trail.

Trial for Jason Van Dyke, the Chicago officer who killed Laquan McDonald, is scheduled for next month.

I cannot find where any of the trials currently taking place are live-streamed or followed in a manner that tells us anything worthwhile to follow.   Because Illinois does allow cameras in courtrooms, there’s a chance that we might get to watch Van Dyke’s trial.

Because so much is happening so quickly, I generally tweet links to news articles rather than taking time to write and publish posts on each trial.  If you do not have a Twitter account to follow me, you can still see my timeline on the right-side border of this blog under “My Beautiful Community.”

The section for “documents” has been removed.  It had not gotten any hits in months.  I considered doing a page containing a database of the documents, but that would require me to consistently update each time a document was added.  Most of the documents were embedded in posts so if anyone is looking for documents, they can use the search engine on this blog.

Veterans Day is approaching, and with it my annual family gathering for free meals for vets.  Since Veterans Day this year falls on a Saturday, Friday is considered the federal holiday. Many restaurants are offering free meals to vets on Friday and others are doing the same for the entire weekend.  We anticipate long lines in the restaurants.  That means preparing a list of at least 5 restaurants so if the line is too long in one, we can continue to another.

I don’t plan on writing a blog post until after the weekend.  Please feel free to use the comment section to post and/or discuss any subject.

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Play nice with each other.  Hold on to faith and if you have no faith, hold on to someone you love.  Heck!  Hold on to someone you love anyway.



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  1. yahtzeebutterfly


    I did not realize that there were all of this trials occurring and expected to take place. I certainly appreciate being kept up-to-date thanks to you.

    I like the your twitter posts appearing in the righthand column here.

    Honoring those who have served on this Veterans Day today.

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    • Yahtzee,
      There are more trials and have been more charges, but they involve off-duty domestic issues. There was an administrative trial for Goodson, the driver of the van that transported Freddie Gray. He was found not guilty. There are also pending lawsuits. I’ve been working on updating events regarding the death of Ethan Saylor and was hoping that a decision on appeal would be reached so I could include it in the update.

      Since so much is happening, and I generally tweet the headlines, I figured that putting my Twitter timeline on the blog would be a good way for people to stay informed if they want to use that method. Plus, I do like the encouragement and humor that is found on Twitter.

      It turns out that there are lots of events for Veteran’s Day this year. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend.


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  2. Thank you so much for doing this Xena. It is so appreciated. Keeping us updated and informed of the upcoming cases and resolutions. You’re such a peach! ❤

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  3. I guess you’ve seen this one today.

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    • Mindyme,
      I had not seen nor heard about this. Thanks for the info. As my mom used to say, “What’s done in the dark comes to the light”.

      What I don’t understand is with the number of drug dealers, why would the cops need to plant drugs to pump up charges? All they have to do is answer some of those calls from citizens reporting drug or suspected drug dealers. Stop it at its source.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      They should arrest that policeman for his cocaine possession as well as for his planting cocaine on the arrestee.

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  4. chuquestaquenumber1

    As you read these articles and watch this video and you see how police or DAs won’t charge this prosecutor for engaging in criminal behavior , as well as being drunk in public, think about the hatred given to DAs Aramis Ayala and Marilyn Mosby. Mosby and Ayala never got drunk in public. Ayala and Mosby never threatened to send police to” F–k someone up.” However,for doing their jobs Ayala and Mosby were subjected to massive outrage,calls for disbarment even lawsuits. None of which Jody Warner isn’t nor will be subjected to.

    Here’s Blue Lives Matter on Jody Warner:

    Here’s Blue Lives Matter on Aramis Ayala:

    There’s more. I’m only posting this .

    Here’s Blue Lives Matter on Marilyn Mosby:

    There’s more. I’m only posting this.

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  5. That is a nasty place there, the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ site. I am spiritually unable to ‘go’ there as often as I would like to. But thank you for posting these.

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    • Mindyme,
      I know what you mean. There are things and places that I don’t read or scroll from really fast because the words are like knives being stuck in your chest. Chuequest keeps us up-to-date about those things. I appreciate him doing so.

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    • chuquestaquenumber1

      Thank you for approving my post .As well as Xena for also approving the post. While I too find that site abhorrent,they have a new webhost. With the new webhost there’s less racist commentary. Less anti black hostility and less hypocrisy when it comes to black and white criminals. It’s still there but there’s less of it.


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