Comment Rules

Rules for comments used to be on our “About” page.   I’m writing it separately here and putting it on the top menu for convenience.

First, Word Press requires a sign-in to submit comments.  It provides blog administrators with options. Because of years of experiencing people using fake user names and email addresses to send harassing comments, around July 2014, I selected the option that those submitting comments will need to sign-in through a Word Press, Facebook or Twitter account.   This option is still enforced.

Secondly, comments from those commenting for the first time go into the moderation queue.  If your comment is approved, future comments should immediately post on the public board.  There are some exceptions to this at my discretion.

Comments are allowed on posts for up to one year.  After that, comments are closed.  If you read something where comments are closed and you would like to comment, this is the post to let me know.

Third, personal attacks on those commenting are not allowed. I think of this blog as my internet home and thus, if I won’t allow someone to do it in my own home, I won’t allow it here.  At times, I’ve tried de-escalating misunderstandings, but if people refuse to be decent and respectful, they will be banned.  The quickest way to not have a first comment approved or to be banned, is to name-call another participant.

Fourth, feel free to introduce yourself and/or your blog in the comment section below.  I don’t mind newcomers introducing themselves and including a link to their blog, but be aware that Word Press generally sends comments to spam when they do nothing more than contain a link to promote traffic to another site.

Fifth, this blog allows for the inclusion of up to three (3) links in comments.  You can also embed Youtube videos in comments.   Lately, I’ve noticed that Youtube suspends channels or deletes videos and there is no notice to sites where they have been embedded.  For that reason, I encourage that if you do embed videos, check to see if it is from a reputable channel.  A reputable channel will be, for instance, a news media channel.

Thanks for visiting and/or participating.



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  1. Cool. Keep slugging. We sort of count on you. I know I do.

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