Terrorism Returns! Las Vegas Shootings

The latest news is 58 dead, more than 500 injured. At least 10 rifles were found in the room and the killer took his own life. I’ll follow this story as more details are reported.

In Saner Thought

For about a year now the old enemy of humanity has been pushed from the headlines by a number of situation….investigation, storms, etc….during that lull the blog posts on the subject have been almost non-existent….but as of 2008 hrs on 01 Dec that all changed….

Las Vegas police say one suspect is “down” after a mass shooting at a country music festival that has left at least two people dead and dozens wounded. University Medical Center spokeswoman Danita Cohen says 26 people were admitted to the hospital, the AP reports. Authorities shut down part of the Las Vegas Strip after receiving reports of an active shooter near the Mandalay Bay Casino late Sunday. The shooter or shooters apparently fired on the Route 91 Harvest music festival from upper levels of the Mandalay Bay across the street, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

On a live feed of a police scanner…

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  3. Nevada has some of the most lax gun control laws in the U.S.

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    • Robert,
      Our gun laws really disturb me. We are not in the old west and settler days where guns were needed because of poisonous snakes, coyotes or other predatory animals. Man has become the predator of men.

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    • How would tighter gun control laws have prevented a 60+ year old white man with no criminal record from buying guns?


      • Other than banning assault weapons from entering the U.S., it seems that with each state having their own gun laws, it will impossible to regulate it nationwide.

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        • Sadly, yes. Additionally, there are thousands of weapons smuggled into the country regularly. Just recently I read of a unit of police officers who were running a million dollar arms and drug smuggling enterprise. It was either in New York or Chicago. At $500 a piece for something that will fit in your pants pocket, handguns are nearly invulnerable to interdiction. Assault rifles, while larger, represent greater cash flow.

          I feel we may be looking at the wrong thing. I wonder if the killings are a terrible symptom of a sickness we are treating improperly. If hate itself is the disease we need address at it’s root. I confess, I have no idea what the cure might entail.


  4. This, one minute ago;


    • Two sides to a story

      Complicated situation, but there are multiple ways to attack the problem. Though there’s never a complete fix, It ain’t impossible to bring the numbers of murders and suicides by gun down because we see that great strides have been made in other industrial nations who have implemented strict gun laws. Americans need to get over their adolescent fascination with guns and so-called self-defense and realize the horrendous cost to society and civility. An armed society is not a polite society – it is a dying society.

      I’m old enough to remember when we did actually have commonsense gun laws in most states and there were far fewer problems than there are now. When I was a kid, most people had hunting rifles but few had handguns and no one had military grade assault rifles except the military. There was much less carnage and much more respect for proper use, overall.

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      • Two sides,
        You make an excellent point about other industrial nations.

        You’re old enough to remember those things, and I’m old enough to remember that the first guns on Chicago streets by average people for self-defense were what was called .22 pea shooters. There were some folks with relatives in the South who sent them Saturday night specials for home protection. Then those guns made it to the streets when guys ran policy for the Mafia.

        Although I don’t agree with it, people back then had reasons to kill, whether to rob or keep from being robbed. Now, there’s no reason behind it other than hate and anger.

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  5. chuquestaquenumber1

    For several weeks we’ve been told the problem in America are peacefully protesting Black NFL players. They’ve been called SOBs by POTUS . Anti American degenerates by Nichigan State Police Director Col Etue.

    Meanwhile guys like Seth Spangler,Kevin Battaglia,Justin Bates and now Stephen Padddock have been overlooked and under reported until today.

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    • Two sides to a story

      Muslim terrorists, black or Mexican thugs, white lone wolves with a hobby . . . incredible white privilege in the reporting about Stephen Paddock. His act is the textbook definition of terrorism. White male privilege is the single greatest threat to the world in many different ways . . .

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    My heart is filled with grief for the victims and their loved ones.

    So horrific.

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  7. I cannot imagine what prompts a person to commit such a horrendous act.

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  9. One of the wounded has died.


  10. Sometimes it’s homegrown. Very sad the evil in the whole world. Once it was less prevalent and almost obscure.

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    • That is true. Paddock planned to go on a killing spree. I need to search for professional articles on the matter, because there is something very strange about people who plan on taking lives and their own.

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      • It almost seems as though terriorism began here in the U.S.A and virally worsened by Islamic extremist. We”ve had the Uni-bomber in Oklahoma (?), a Batman(?) movie shooter, job shooting, school shootings. oh wow! We as a nation have set bad examples which continues to influence other countries . But then again, we’ve just reached an age of massive evil, everywhere!😕

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  13. I’m not even a ‘believer’ but have to wonder if we are in the ‘end days’ for intelligent life on this earth. How many the next time, 600, 700, 1,000? Foreign terrorist could never do to us what we’re doing to each other. I don’t want to become complacent when these things happen, but it’s hard not to when it is so common anymore.


    • Mindyme,
      Sometime ago I read a piece about a man who was going to join ISIS and was captured and interviewed. One of the things he said is that ISIS is not concerns about attacks in America because for one, guns are freely available in the U.S. and two, Americans are killing each other.

      I know what you mean about becoming complacent. It’s been 18 years since Columbine. Another generation has passed through the educational system and now they have lived to see mass murder. It’s common now, and they only thing that the media and law enforcement seem interested in is getting into the heads of mass murders because they can’t do anything to stop or control guns in America.


  14. Dear Xena,

    It turns out that there is a device called “bump stocks” that can turn some rifles into a machine gun. While machine guns are not legal if made after May 1986, the device is legal to sell and it has only one purpose.

    The shooter Stephen C. Paddock had 12 rifles equipped with a bump-stock.

    Senator Dianne Feinstein is introducing legislation to ban the sell of bump-stocks.

    Hugs, Gronda.


    • Gronda,
      It would give me great pleasure to see all guns burned in a fire and the military only allowed to carry them on American soil when it’s necessary to protect this country. I. AM. SICK. OF. GUNS.

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