What I Did During Break

Hello friends and visitors.

The blog has undergone some re-organization.  If you go to the top menu and hover over Cases/Victims, a drop-down menu appears.  You can use the center wheel of your mouse to scroll down the drop-down menu.  The names are in alphabetical order by first name.  There are a few names not on that list.  That’s because they were mentioned in an Open Discussion or other post.

There are over a hundred names.  If you don’t find the name of a person on the drop-down menu but think that there is information on this blog, please use the search engine box on the right-hand border.

While going over the cases, I did some follow-up.  There are so many cases where no one was charged.  Rather than do separate blog posts, I’m thinking about doing one to cover a number of cases and possibly continuing that on a monthly basis.


Documents are barely visited.  There are also documents that are embedded in blog posts, but not on the list on the right-side border.  I’m thinking about preparing a table with links and posting it under a menu heading for “documents” on the top border, but that will take time.  Once I do get that completed, the list will be removed from the right-side border.  I might add my tweeter feed in that place instead.

Another Change For Comments

The other week, someone submitted a slew of debating comments to posts that were published in 2014.  Some of those they commented to have retired from the internet since then.  Therefore, I have changed the option so that comments cannot be submitted to posts that over a year old.

Thanks to all new and old followers.  I’m still running behind in catching-up on blog posts for those blogs I follow.  Please forgive me.  I’m so far behind that I’m considering starting a new slate beginning with tomorrow.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful week.


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  1. oh I love the video! Thanks for ‘splaining how to use the new format!

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    • Good morning, Mindyme!

      You are welcomed.

      Can you believe that we’ve reported on over a hundred cases?

      I’m happy you enjoyed the video. I love Playing For Change.

      Big Hug smiley face

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      • I wish I were surprised there were over a 100 cases to report on! You’ve done a superfantabulous job with this Blog!!


        • Mindyme,
          Your kind words are greatly appreciated. While going over posts to get them into categories to then get on the drop-down menu, I realized that back in 2013 I published a blog post almost everyday. Then in 2014, it slowed down and that has pretty much been the pattern.

          Online media is not what it used to be. It appears that the ads on their sites are more than the actual article. There are times I’ve had to go to 4-5 different sources just to find the first name of a person, or an actual city and state. The information is not always consistent, either.

          In other words, what used to take me about 5 minutes to gather all the required information and 10 minutes to write up and publish, now takes, at times, up to 60 minutes.

          The cases are information the public needs to know, and I cannot stop that from being a motivation. So, I might just start using “press this” more. It won’t be my own words, but it will be information.


  2. yahtzeebutterfly


    Thanks so much for making your individual case posts so easily accessible. What a helpful archive for research or for refreshing our memories on details.

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    • Yahtzee,
      Thank you. It will help me also as I go forward with updating cases. That might begin next week. For now, I’m resting up.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Robert Bates released from prison after serving 1½ years of a four-year sentence for killing Eric Harris”


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