Navy Corpsmen Mistreat Black Babies

Recently a video has gone viral. This video shows a white, female Navy Corpsman Allyson Thompson making a newborn black baby in a military hospital dance to a 50 cent song.

There’s also a photo of Allyson giving the middle finger to a black baby while saying “How I feel about these mini Satans”.

Allyson’s friend, also a Navy Corpsman, Joanie Barret, thought the video and middle finger picture were funny and decided to post them on Snapchat.

Thompson and Barrett are now being disciplined by Naval Superiors.

Final Thought:
Which is more disrespectful to the military?
Black athletes that don’t stand for the national anthem
White Navy personnel that mistreat the black newborn babies of their fellow Navy personnel in a military hospital?


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  1. “Which is more disrespectful to the military?” To ME White Navy personnel that mistreat the black newborn babies of their fellow Navy personnel in a military hospital. Despicable behavior.

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  2. Dreamer9177

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    Dishonorable Discharge for the Corpsman and the person who took this and said nothing

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  3. I didn’t notice the babies were all of color. But that does explain why so many comments on local news site comment boards saw this as no big deal. Here in Hooterville North Florida anyway.

    I can’t even imagine what we haven’t seen before some nit wit decided to post this despicable behavior on social media.

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  4. Some people have totally lost their mind.

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  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    So heinous!

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  6. Two sides to a story

    Trump’s America.

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  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    Thanks to all for liking this article.

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  9. Wow these babies are innocent babies…smh I’m glad they fired her butt! People do some of the dumbest things known to mankind.

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  10. And there are still people who don’t understand why the Black Lives Matter movement is necessary…
    I feel sorry for these miserable bigots in these pictures.

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    • Roach,
      More an more I’m beginning to think that those who do not understand why the Black Lives Matter is necessary, are those who dehumanize Blacks, as we see with these nurses. To stigmatize and dehumanize a newborn infant tells us that they carry out that bigotry to children and adults. There’s a certain level of trust that is given to certain professions. Those nurses have betrayed that trust. Imagine if they were judges, or have authority to hire, supervise, and fire. Imagine if they were school teachers with diverse classes. Imagine if they worked for banks approving loans or mortgages.

      The position is nothing more than a means for them to violate those whose color of skin they don’t believe are human.

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  11. They certainly believe we are human, just less of a human than they are. There are clearly things that some will never understand for instance, I could never imagine the pain that a woman feels when she is having a baby because that is something I’ve never experienced nor will I ever. No one can ever imagine the plight of a black person in America for exactly the same reason. I still feel sorry for these miserable bigots in these pictures.


    • Roach,

      “No one can ever imagine the plight of a black person in America for exactly the same reason. “

      As they say in Wisconsin, “There ya go.” There are people who want to relate, and they try to find comparisons. There is no comparison, just as you’ve pointed out that a man can never experience having a baby. From morning sickness, to having to arrange and attend doctor appointments, to feeling the first kick, carrying the additional weight, then going through labor. But, there’s something else also involved, such as eating healthy and having to read all the fine print on every over the counter medication and/or prescription to make sure it’s alright without harming the forming little human being. Sometimes, that means the expecting mom has to still fulfill her responsibilities with pain, or having a cold, or another health issue.

      In the same manner, even sharing the experience of being pregnant does not and cannot describe 9 months of everything associated with it.

      For those nurses, I too feel sorry for them.

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      • …and if I had a choice, I would still be born with the same color skin!


        • Roach,
          TOTALLY, which also goes to say that no one had a choice. That in itself should be considered and respected when people start talking about racial superiority.


  12. I don’t think nails like that are allowed in the military.


  13. what do you mean not disputed that it was her? Hell. The title says navy corpsman


    • George,
      I said that because you made it sound as if the nurse was not allowed to have manicured finger nails — like maybe it wasn’t a Navy Corpsmen.


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