9/11 Anniversary–2017

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Today we recognize that 16 years ago a handful of whacked out turds flew planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania….the worse case of terrorism to ever hit the shores of America.

This is an op-ed written for the Washington Times……a look at what has become of the society since that fateful day…..(I do not totally agree with some of their assumptions but a pretty good piece all around)…….

The approach of an anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 always concentrates my mind. It was, astonishingly, 16 Septembers ago that a team of foreign terrorists hijacked three American passenger planes and used them as weapons of mass destruction. Can anyone forget the images of people leaping to their deaths to avoid being consumed by fire and smoke, the twin towers collapsing, the ashes rising, children struggling to come to terms with the fact…

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  1. I was still living in America at the time. I will never forget this atrocity, I re-live it every year… the screams, the anguish… I shared in it; it touched my soul like nothing else ever could. The whole nation became one that day, and throughout the weeks/months that followed… It will stay with me forever.


    • Kev,
      That was day that I’ll never forget. My son received a call from his Company Commander telling him to be ready to leave out in a moment’s notice with full equipment. He was with the Civil Engineering Company, and they were subsequently deployed to New York. Only, my son wasn’t. His contract prevented him from being deployed in a war zone because he’s an only child, and the Armed Forces considered NY and DC as war zones.

      I was somewhat of the “den mom” for those guys. They called sharing their experience on ground zero, what they found. At one time, I hoped that a book would be written about that, but it wasn’t out of respect for the families of those who died when the towers fell.

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      • Wow, that certainly puts a newer perspective on it for me. Never thought of NY & DC as war zones, but yes, makes perfect sense. Was your son disappointed? I imagine he really wanted to be there to do all he could.


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