Barack Obama Responds To Trump Ending DACA

Former President Barack Obama reportedly warned President Trump that he would speak out publicly if his new administration ever targeted Dreamers. Well, it’s happened. Trump pulled the trigger this…

Source: Barack Obama Responds To Trump Ending DACA

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  1. crustyolemothman

    I sure miss this nation actually having a President!

    • Mothman,
      That is why I am concerned that we are in dangerous times. We have a President with authority and power to push a button and turn a country into a puff of smoke. What he doesn’t have is an understanding of the people of this nation. Trump’s agenda seems to be to roll back everything President Obama accomplished, without first thinking if it’s right or wrong. In my opinion, Trump has a personal problem with Obama and the only reason he delayed his 1998 campaign for President is because he wanted to redesign rather than fix.

      There’s good reason he did not want to run for President to follow behind Clinton. It takes great and long work to fix the problems that happened under Bush. It takes less work to walk into a building with a good foundation where things are running smoothly, hire designers, and change the curtains, the carpeting, the toilet seats — stuff like that. That is what Trump is doing and if allowed to continue, America will end up looking like a a nation that no one recognizes.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I follow Obama on Twitter, but since I rarely actually go to Twitter, I had not seen his post. I ‘liked’ and ‘retweeted’ it. Interesting that the tweet had over 634,000 likes and 296,000 re-tweets. Methinks a lot of people, myself included, still have a lot of respect for President Obama!

  3. The same Congress that refused to work with President Obama on immigration reform NOW will work to protect immigrants. As they should have all along. DACA isn’t going anywhere. Dump is dancing like the puppet he is to avoid having to ‘own’ healthcare and immigration.

  4. Wow–thanks for linking to this. Great rational tone and rhetoric from the man…boy I miss that. It’s strange that I don’t think Dump got much further than Dr. Seuss books growing up, because the man has no vocabulary to speak of. And Obama knows how to speak…heavens, I miss useful, decent vocabulary in government and calm players.

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