Georgia Police Lieutenant Confirms What Many People Suspected in Stunning Dash-cam Footage

United States Hypocrisy

It was July, 2016 when a police lieutenant in Cobb County, Georgia by the name of Greg Abbott pulled over a vehicle he suspected of Driving Under the Influence. The white woman who was sitting in the passenger’s seat appeared incredibly nervous and said she was afraid to move her hands in front of the police officer due to the fact that she’d seen “way too many videos of cops” – an obvious reference to numerous videos of cops shooting people and then falsely claiming their victims appeared to be reaching for a weapon. What Lt. Abbott said to the woman in response, perhaps trying to assuage her fears, only confirmed in the eyes of many what they’ve long suspected was an unwritten rule of police protocol.

Sandra Bland Sandra Bland is an example of the different way cops react when they interact with a Black person during a traffic stop.


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  1. “Hey hey ho ho these racist cops have got to go”

    Unreal that in 2017 a LEO would say and do things like to American Citizens or to any human being. They KNOW they are being recorded and still seem confident they’ll get away with the horrible things they say and do. That’s what’s so nauseating to me, they KNOW and don’t care.

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Horrible, absolutely racist.

    There is a reason farmers root out the bad, rotten apples in the bushels…the bad apples can rot the whole bunch if not removed.

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  3. At least he was honest.


  4. Thank you for sharing this post … tragic, but sadly, unsurprising. 😥


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