Wordless Wednesday – August 30, 2017

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Such a moving photo amidst the devastation. This photo and the other photos need to be the inspiration and the reminder for our country.

    People helping people.

    This needs to be our DAILY goal in our communities across the U.S. without waiting for such dire and devastating circumstances.

    We are all one community…we cannot ever forget this and we cannot ever let hater riffraff try to portray things differently.

    Love, brotherhood, community, caring, empathy and compassion must rule the day every day!

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  2. A heartwarming photo. Thank God no one thought he was a purse snatcher.

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    • xmatman,
      HA! I hadn’t thought about that. Just goes to show we don’t have to ask a drowning person if they want to be saved, or a bleeding person if they want to know the race of the blood donor.

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  3. Beautiful and true thoughts.

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  6. They have a good chance of recovery. Not without pain, but genuine hope. All the Congressfolk that were opposed to helping the NY and NJ victims of Sandy are shouting to rush money to TX. You can appreciate why.

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    • The people of Houston are most likely to work together and clean-up and restore. The smaller towns that were hit first were devastated. Some people are told not to bother returning because there’s nothing there. They will need to start from scratch, either in a new town, or to rebuild their own.


  7. Every time I see these photos of people helping others in this awful situation we’ve got down here, my throat closes up a bit. I can’t help it. I was feeling so much like humanity had taken a permanent header and now I have faith in basic goodness and humanity again. It’s not gone, in spite of Dump. It’s still around. I needed something good today.

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  8. Like

  9. Thoughts and prayers are with all affected by this devastation.


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