No Third Re-trial for Ray Tensing. Feds To Decide Whether Civil Rights Investigation Is Warranted

The New York Times Reports:

After two mistrials, Prosecutor, Joseph T. Deters, said his decision to drop the charges against Ray Tensing is because he spoke to the jurors. Those jurors told him that a unanimous conviction was not possible.  Federal prosecutors will now review the evidence to consider whether a civil rights investigation is warranted.

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  3. ‘Federal prosecutors’ working under Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. Hmm yeah, I don’t see anything further coming from this. 😦


  4. Sadly there are still just too many white people who will never convict a white police officer for the death of a man of color.


    • Mindyme,
      True. There are also whites who will never convict an officer of any color for the death of anyone. We don’t know who serves on grand juries, but it’s odd that so many officers are not indicted so they never face charges. The deaths of Misty Holt-Singh and Ethan Saylor (both White) are two I think of offhand.


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