Baltimore Detectives Caught Planting Drugs.


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BALTIMORE — A Baltimore officer has been suspended after defense attorneys released a body camera video they said shows the officer planting drugs.

The 90 seconds of footage has police investigating their own officers, but officials say there is more to this story than a short video clip showing officers planting drugs, CBS Baltimore reports.

Officials have since released more video to back up their claims as they continue to investigate these serious allegations.

The footage in a Baltimore alley is clear, as it was recorded on police body cameras, but the reason why the Baltimore police officer appears to be planting drugs is not.

What we think we see, and if you slow down the video especially in the first five seconds, the officer appearing to place a red can underneath some trash, push the fence up, and hide it,” said public defender Debbie Katz Levi.

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  1. crustyolemothman

    Hmmm, if they have him on camera in possession of the drugs he allegedly planted, then they have proof of his being in possession of drugs, and he should be prosecuted as any other citizen would be!! Wow, isn’t that a novel idea, enforcing the very laws that the officer is supposed to enforce against him? Some how, I suspect it will not happen!

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    • Mothman,
      Unless it’s domestic violence or DUI, or something they did while off-duty, they are not treated as any other citizen would be.

      The planting of drugs really betrays public trust. They are ruining the lives of people with the false charges, and why? Isn’t there enough actual crime?

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  2. I hope of the 53 arrests in question are re-investigated

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  3. *all of the 53 arrested.. even

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  4. Marilyn Mosby’s press conference


  5. The cops have to meet their quotas. THat helps the Judges sentence people to meet their quotas. That gives the for-profit prison industry more slave labor to produce their shit. That gives the RWNJ legislators more money in bribes from the prison companies.

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    • Dreamer,
      About those quotas …
      There’s a radio station that announces when it’s debt collection day. The DJ chose that phrase when someone reports that the cops are out sitting in certain areas stopping cars to issue tickets to pay the city’s debts.


    • Roderick,
      Thanks for the link, but I will not watch the program. By what is reported about the interviews with jurors, it is clear to me that they never considered Trayvon’s side. How can the jury base their decision on what Zimmerman felt, but not consider what Trayvon felt? Their not guilty decision based on how Zimmerman felt as his head was being bashed on concrete contradicted Zimmerman’s story. Did they not hear Zimmerman on video say that he had “shimmed” his head OFF THE CONCRETE before he held Trayvon’s arm (preventing Trayvon from retreating), took his gun out of its holster which was behind his butt, and aimed to avoid shooting his own hand, before he fired a hollow point bullet into Trayvon’s heart?

      Judge Nelson allowed jury instructions that omitted pertinent parts pertaining to the injured and/or deceased in self-defense cases, and Juror B37 followed O’Mara’s instructions to convince other jurors to not consider Zimmerman’s video taped interviews because they did not come from the witness stand.

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  6. This has been going on for decades, police are most of the time the only witness against a suspect.


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