Black St. Louis Cop Shot By White St. Louis Cop But Armed and Dangerous White St. Louis Escaped Prisoner Wasn’t Shot

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The 2 stories I’m bringing to you show how, in a system motivated by racism/white supremacy, race matters all the time. It matters so much that a white male criminal can be treated better by law enforcement (even though the greatest threat to law enforcement is a white male) than a black cop.

Story One

On June 21,2017 in St Louis, Missouri, police officers approached a car that had been reported stolen. Inside the car were 3 black males. The car drove off and the suspects fired on police. The car eventually crashed and the suspects ran with the police chasing them on foot.  (Source: NY Times)

An off duty Black police officer(name unknown) was home when he heard what was happening. He grabbed his service firearm and decided to help his fellow officers. When he was at the crime scene 2 of the cops ordered him down to the ground . After he was on the ground they recognized him and told him to walk toward them. At this point a White police officer (name unknown) showed up and immediately fired at the Black officer, hitting his “brother” officer in the arm.

When asked why he shot his fellow Black officer ,the white officer responded “Fear for my safety.” Rufus  J Tate a lawyer representing the wounded officer,  stated that he saw nothing in the police report that showed that the officer feared for his safety.  An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Now the website known as Blue Lives Matter, which states it is run by active and retired LEOs, covered this story. Blue Lives Matter took the position on how “the media was pushing a racist cop narrative” instead of offering sympathy or demanding justice for the wounded Black cop, and instead of asking why the White cop shot a fellow Black officer when the other cops had the situation in control?  Also out of the 25 comments on that site, only 2 offered sympathy for the wounded black cop. Obviously his Blue Life doesn’t matter. Here is the link, tell me if my assertions are incorrect.


Story Two

Bruce Brutsman

On June 24, 2017 in St Louis, Missouri, a White St. Louis County Justice Center prisoner named Bruce Brutsman  was being held on burglary and other charges when he was taken to a hospital because he swallowed a battery. While in the hospital he escaped from the custody of a Correction Officer.

After his escape, police issued an announcement, describing Bruce as 6’6″,  240 lb.,  white male who is to be considered “armed and dangerous”.

During his escape, Brutsman stole a 1997 Toyota Tercel, IMO pizza delivery car that he used to evade police.  Four days later on June 28,2017. police found the stolen Toyota Tercel IMO pizza delivery car unattended. Brutsman was now on foot. A few hours later in Festus ,Missouri,  St Louis police found Bruce Brutsman in the company of others and proceeded to arrest him. Brutsman resisted arrest and eventually was brought under control by detectives. Here are links to the stories.  Sources: Bluelivesmatter;

Bruce Brutsman was not shot by St Louis police.  Here we have police confronting a very physically imposing White criminal and he isn’t shot in the arm (like the Black St. Louis cop was) or shot at all.  In spite of Mr. Brutsman being described as “armed and dangerous” as well as resisting arrest not one cop felt ” in fear for his safety” to the point where any of them had to shoot Brutsman.

Unlike the very quick almost immediate upon arrival the White St Louis cop drew his weapon to shoot a Black “fellow officer” who was assisting in stopping crimes.  Also that quick shooting of the Black St. Louis cop falls into the 2-30 second death sentence timeline that Blacks, such as Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd, John Crawford, Alton Sterling, Walter Scott, Terrence Crutcher, Philando Castile, Amadou Diallo and so many other Black people received upon police contact. With the physically imposing armed and dangerous Brutsman, St. Louis police took their time to subdue him .

Final Note:

The Black St. Louis cop unjustly shot by his “fellow” White officer deserves justice. Unfortunately he joins the long list of Black cops shot by White cops. Most of the Black cops were shot by White members of their own department. This happened so much that the NYPD had to come up with The Color Of The Day system. It’s a system that has plain clothes NYPD cops wear a certain color so their counterparts see the particular color and won’t shoot them.  However, in spite of this that didn’t stop White NYPD officers from shooting Derwin Pannell or Omar Edwards. The correct thing would have been punishing the cops that committed these killings.   I don’t know of any White cop being shot by a Black cop.  If anyone does, please let me know.


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  2. I truly believe that the color of one’s skin really matters! I’d it’s not white then it’s not right! What a sad and cruel world we live in!

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    To everyone :

    Doesn’t Bruce Brutsman remind you of Bull from Night Court?

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  4. I’ve made my feelings quite clear on the (some) Blue Lives Matter website. Thank you for these articles and the link!

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  5. How sick are supremacists? Well, they advocate some sort of racial purity but, as anyone who has taken a course in biology and knows of genetics/natural selection, nature favors the mixed race over the pure bred. The less diversity one has in their genome the weaker, more sickly they become. Thus supremacists are advocating to raise a biologically and mentally disadvantage cadre of offspring. What could be more insane than that?

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    • Lonnie,
      There might be different categories of those with supremacist ideologies. There is the biological category, and there are those who simply believe that their race makes them better because of the “victories” of Europeans being able to take over the lands and countries of others.

      You bring out an excellent point about illnesses. Disease does not discriminate. I’ve said the same about death. Steve Jobs was White, intelligent, rich, yet could not avoid sickness and death.

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