I’ve Been Cited In Two Professional Publications And Other Stuff About Blogging

Thanks so much to all followers new and old.  There has been such an increase in subscribed followers lately that I’ve not had time to keep up visiting their blogs.  Please forgive me.  Rather than clicking like and moving on,  I prefer reading posts and if there is something I would like to say, to leave comments.  Time does not always allow me to leave comments.  I’m hoping to set aside at least one hour on the weekends to visit and catch-up on the blogs I follow.  Here’s hoping that it works.

Now for a couple of things ….

It’s a humbling experience to discover that things you have written have been cited in professional publications.

In October 2016, blogger Supabutterfly wrote a post honoring me.  I was already humbled and honored by his handle.  For those who might not know, in July 2014, I made a decision to use the option that a Word Press account would be needed to submit comments to this blog.    It was because since mid-2013, I was bombarded with harassing comments submitted through proxy IP addresses.  For over 6 months, I blacklisted the IP addresses, but one proxy IP address service might have hundreds of proxy IP addresses.  It was a never-ending battle.

There were people who had participated on this blog since it opened in August 2012.  They opened Word Press accounts and many of them incorporated the word “butterfly” into their new handles.   One did not consider himself a butterfly so chose a handle that includes “moth.”  What they did was honorable and a blessing to me. None of them had to go through opening a Word Press account to continue posting comments here, but they did and I am forever grateful.

Getting back to Supabutterfly’s October 2016 post, he discovered that a book titled New Mexico 2050, published in 2015 by the University of New Mexico Press, contains a footnote to this blog.  They cited a post that I wrote in March 2014 about the death of Jonathan Mitchell.  It was to support the writer’s opinion that New Mexico needs to hire more Black police officers to “… help build a culture of understanding …” and “… put an end to cases like the one involving the death of Iraq War veteran Jonathan Mitchell …”

I had not known about the footnote and finding out about it is a humbling honor.  Then last week, I discovered another citation. Printed in 2016 is a paper written by John R. Rickford and Sharese King of Stanford University titled “Language and Linguistics On Trial: Hearing Rachel Jeantel (And Other Vernacular Speakers In the Courtroom and Beyond.”   On page 977 is a footnote to a blog post I wrote in June 2013 titled, “Frank Taaffe and the Butterfly Effect of Precious.”

This is very humbling and encouraging.

No 2016 Year In Review By Word Press

Word Press did not provide annual reviews for 2016, but they did leave instructions on how bloggers can get stats if they wanted to put together their own annual review.  This is some of what I found for 2016;

The post that received the most views in 2016 was 32 Guards Fired From The Florida Department of Corrections.  It was viewed 31,169 times.  That post was published in September 2014.  The link was posted to more than 3,000 Facebook pages.

The post titled The Jeffrey Dahmer Victim Who Did Not Have To Die was viewed 3,388 times.  That post was published in August 2015.  It continues to get views now in 2017.

The Impact of Trayvon Martin’s Death on America was viewed 1,959 times.  That post was published in July 2014 and it continues to get views now in 2017.

Other Blogs With Subjects That Might Interest You

Twitter has a follow Friday so I figured it might work well for blogs.  Each Friday, I plan to refer readers to three to five blogs that I enjoy.  For this Friday;

Gronda keeps up-to-date on politics.

For Christians that want a daily word of encouragement, Pastor Sneed’s blog is ideal.

Do you like photography?  Paul and Bob Ramsak are wonderful photographers.

If you want to follow a blog that reblogs so you can cover many interests, try TheMilitantNegro.  He reblogs on issues, poetry, and recipes.  Here’s a word of warning.  If you visit for recipes, make sure you have eaten beforehand because the photos alone will make you hungry.

Feel free to leave a link and introduce your blog in the comment section below.  If you are on Twitter or Facebook, you can also leave a link or your handle.




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  1. Congratulations and sending you Love! ❤ Continue to be a Warrior for Justice! ❤

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    • Thank you so much. I don’t consider myself a warrior — just an old general who gives warriors the info they need. 🙂

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      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, The thing that distinguishes a genuinely great General is the willingness to wade into the thick of the battle to actually lead!! You inspire people to greatness, yet often refuse to acknowledge the truly positive effect you have upon people and their very lives! You, young lady are a true American Hero…

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        • Mothman,
          Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. If I inspire others to greatness, it’s because they already have greatness within them that maybe needs a venue to express.

          As you probably know, this blog was opened to follow the trial of George Zimmerman and encourage those supporting justice for Trayvon. So much came out in the open during that case; ugly things; horrible bigotry, that I thought had pretty much been rejected at least for 2 generations.

          After the verdict in Zimmerman’s case on July 13, 2013, how could I not continue blogging to bring people together in the strength of overcoming hatred and evil? How could I not continue blogging for togetherness and promoting equality for all?

          How could I stay silent? I could not.

          I am so grateful that you and others have hung-in with me. Your opinions and comments are inspiring and give me strength and encouragement. Thank you.

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  2. Congrats!! Very well deserved!! ❤️❤️

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  3. Congratulations, quite an honour though well deserved.

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  4. Congratulations Xena, well deserved acknowledgements. Keep up the good works.

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    • Lonnie,
      It’s always a pleasure seeing you. After almost 5 years, thanks for not forgetting about me and others here. Thanks for your kind words, dear friend.

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  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thanks for all of the reporting you do on important issues, court cases, and news of interest.

    Congratulations on the being cited in research works! You are amazing! Thanks for all you contribute!

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    • Yahtzee,
      Thanks for your kind words. Thanks also for being my right-hand at times. With so much going on, it can be stressful keeping up-to-date on things, especially trials. You have always been here with updates and information. You are precious. (((((Hugs)))))

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  6. Awe! Congrats lovely me! You know what I mean. Hugs and love always!!! You are the best!!!

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    • Shyloh,
      LOL! Oh yeah — those accusations from harassers that we are the same person.

      Thanks for your kind words. I love and hug you back!!!

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  7. ❤ ❤

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    • Mindyme,
      See what you started? LOL! It was your encouragement and support that made this blog possible. Can you believe we are coming to our 5-year anniversary?


  8. buffalotompeabody

    Congratulations! You are a great resource. You inspire me to pay attention and act. Constant vigilance!

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  9. Dear Xena,

    Mega congratulations! You are a superstar in the blogging world and you are tremendously gracious in helping others.

    Your voice is needed more than ever. This president with his attorney general of the alt-right world is an obstacle to any progress. It just makes one miss President Obama, all the more.

    I just blogged on a case where a man followed young Muslim girls wearing hajibs with a baseball bat.. The one he caught was found the next day, in a pond with her fatal injuries. Right from the start, the Sterling police refused to investigate this tragedy as a hate crime. How many times is this happening under this presidency?

    Hugs, Gronda.


    • Gronda,
      Strange thing is, I had no idea that this blog was being cited in professional publications, and to support the authors’ positions. That is so humbling.

      About the case in Sterling, the local police have to reach out to the U.S. Attorney in that district. Trump fired many U.S. Attorneys who have not been replaced. It’s almost like constructive discharge, only rather than one person having too much work that can’t get done, there’s no one there to do the work.

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