A Peaceful Protester Disrespected The Military? What About An Accused Marine Killer?

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In 2016 NFL San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began a peaceful protest against police brutality and criminality of Black people. Especially the unjust killings of unarmed non threatening Black males. His peaceful protest consisted of not standing for the national anthem. Once he started, he was accused of harming our LEOs and disrespecting the US military. He was subjected to massive outrage from people of all backgrounds, especially from military personnel.

Sgt. Justin Noah Lampkins

Fast forward to April 2017. April 23,2017 was the last day for Marine Sgt. Justin Noah Lampkins. On Sunday April 23, 2017 at 1:19 am, 25 yr old Marine Sgt. Justin Noah Lampkins was at a McDonald’s Drive thru in Bedford, ,Indiana. Several vehicles were ahead of Sgt. Lampkins’ vehicle when he honked a horn in the drive thru. At this point, Evan Schaffer, 22 yr old criminal who had a warrant from another state, because he skipped a court hearing, got out of his truck and punched Lampkins in his face.



Schaffer walked away but decided to turn around and continue the confrontation. Lampkins, defending himself, shoved Schaffer. Schaffer pulled out a gun and shot the unarmed Lampkins in the chest. Schaffer and his friends fled the scene . Lampkins was taken to IU Health Hospital where he died of his wounds.

Bedford Police caught up with Schaffer and his friends. The 4 friends cooperated and gave up.  Schaffer resisted arrest and was Tasered into submission. Schaffer has been charged with Lampkins murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Sgt. Justin Noah Lampkins joined the military in 2011, one year after graduating from Bloomington High School North. He was inspired to join the military by his grandfather, an Army veteran. Lampkins was honorably discharged in 2015.

Evan Schaffer had a warrant for carrying a weapon without a permit and transporting a weapon to another county. He is also facing charges of arson.

Several points.

    1. All of the people that said Kaepernick disrespected the military for not standing for the national anthem are very silent now. Here you have a Marine gunned down in cold blood and Evan Schaffer, the white criminal accused of this crime, isn’t being subjected to massive outrage. No comments from  Tomi Lahren, James Woods, Kate Upton, Mike Ditka, Donald Trump,etc.etc.etc.and so on. I was always told violence is worse than peaceful protesting. It obviously isn’t if the peaceful protest is by a man of color with no trouble with the law and the violence is by a white criminal.


    1. During a Pearl Harbor memorial,  US Navy Admiral Harry Harris decided to insult Colin Kaepernick and he received a standing ovation for doing so. Admiral Harris, as of this moment, has yet to insult accused killer Evan Schaffer for truly disrespecting the military by gunning down Sgt. Lampkins. Apparently the words of a man of color are are more harmful than the gunning down in cold blood of a fellow Seaman by a accused white murderer. Again isn’t violence worse than peaceful protesting?


    1. Once again we see how a white criminal with a warrant out on him as well as charged of other crimes can kill someone, resist arrest, and not be subjected to deadly force. Another situation where no LEO felt in fear of his/her life to the point where deadly force was needed.


    1. If anyone reading this post can tell me if Evan Schaffer has been called out for disrespecting the military for the crime he has been charged with, please let me know.


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  3. And we never will hear anything from them. Like when police officers had sniper rifles aimed at them at the Bundy Ranch Standoff in 2014 by the protesters. No ‘Blue Lives Matter’ people stood up then either. I guess it depends on who it is aiming guns at the police.

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  4. * bows head * Excuse me, Xena, I’m going back to the cave. T.T

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    IMO, the real question is that if the race of the two individuals was switched would the end results have been the same? I might suspect that one would be dead and the other you would have never heard about…

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    That’s why I never blow at anyone if I am in the drive thru.

    Waiting in line is just a consequence of ordering outside.

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  7. Dear Xena,

    I support the courage of Colin Kaepernick with his right to protest in a peaceful and honorable way.Those acting less honorably are disrespecting the military who have fought for Mr.Kaepernick’s ability to exercise his US constitutional right of peaceful protest.

    US Navy Admiral Harry Harris comments about Colin Kaepernick were out of line. You would think that with all the chaos going on around the world, that there would be something of greater consequence that he could have discussed.

    Hugs, Gronda


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