Dylann Roof Pleads Guilty To All Counts In State Trial

Just a quick note to update.  The introduction to the video says:

 Dylann Storm Roof who shot and killed nine black parishioners at a historic Charleston church in 2015, pleaded guilty Monday to state charges stemming from the massacre as part of a deal with prosecutors to spend the rest of his life in prison to avoid a second death-penalty trial.

Roof already had been sentenced to die earlier this year for his convictions in federal court on hate crimes charges, though the state could have pursued a second such penalty in its murder case against the young man.

Roof was charged both federally and at the state level after the June 2015 massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, when nine black parishioners were shot and killed down during an evening Bible study.

The federal death sentence still stands!

After impact statements and Roof’s grandad speaking on Roof’s behalf, the Judge sentenced Roof to 9 life sentences on state charges.

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Where will Dylan Roof be imprisoned now?

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    • There was some discussion about jurisdiction in the video, and I think the state turned custody over to the feds. If I understand what the judge said, Roof has filed a writ of habeas corpus on the federal conviction. In order for that writ to be ruled on, he must be in a federal prison.

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    • From USA Today on April 3, 2017;

      COLUMBIA, S.C. — A judge Monday ordered South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof transferred to federal custody following an earlier agreement that he plead guilty to state murder charges in order to avoid a second death sentence.

      U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel ordered that U.S. Marshals take custody of Roof, 22. He will remain at the Charleston County jail. The only change is now he will be under federal, not county, supervision. The marshals will deliver him to state officials as needed until his case in South Carolina is officially wrapped up.

      Court documents filed Sunday show that Roof, his attorneys and state and federal prosecutors agreed that Roof should be officially transferred to federal authorities.

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      • Oh no! Grounds for a possible future appeal?


        • Probably not, Mindyme. Roof is appealing his federal death sentence conviction. He doesn’t mind spending the rest of his life in prison; he doesn’t want the government to kill him.


  2. Good, save the Taxpayers some Time and Money.


  3. Dreamer9177

    The only good thing is that his warped mind can be analyzed to find out some of the reasons he did these terrible things. If that is not the case, then this decision is a complete and utter waste of time and he should be sentenced to death.


  4. Dreamer9177

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  5. crustyolemothman

    I would suggest the real reason he is being kept in Federal custody is only to prevent him from being placed in the population of the state Penitentiary, where his life expectancy would not be very long. Not being a fan of the death penalty, I don’t want this man to die at the hands of the government. I would like to see him live a long life and be reminded on a daily basis of what he has done, and why he has lost his freedom.

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    • Mothman,
      I too am opposed to the death penalty. I’m not sure if the federal prisons have gangs such as they do in some state prisons, because if he hooked up with some of the racial hatred gangs in prison, he will more likely never come to a place of repentance.

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  6. Dear Xena,

    The question for me is how can a child turn into such a horrible monster. He more than deserves the consequences that he is facing for his crimes.

    And yet, I feel guilt from living in a society that allows hate to flourish and to be occasionally acted out.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda,
      According to Roof, he got his ideologies from a White Supremacist website. He was maybe 17 years old at the time, which means he was still legally under the guardianship of his parents. He had dropped out of high school in the 9th grade. So, this is a young man with desire to learn, but not in controlled settings or social structure that tests his opinions and perceptions. As a psychologist in the case stated, having above average intelligence is not the same as having ability to make correct choices.

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      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, As Mz. Gronda has pointed out quite well, it is amazing that we live in a society where hate is so acceptable by many member. I still am not convinced that he simply learned all this hate from an internet source, and not from behavior he saw as he was growing up. I would suspect there is much about this young man that we still do not know, nor is it likely that we shall ever know. One thing that you can bet on, if you have been following the news events as recently as the last few days, his actions are not the last we shall see..

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        • I don’t know Mothman. Roof was a loner, and his underdeveloped mind limited him to taking interest in hate against others because he needed a foundation to compare himself with. That often happens with what some folks call “screw-ups.” They need to convince themselves that in spite of their screw-ups, they are still better than someone else or others. They are filled with shame and blame others for their wrong choices.

          Regarding recent news events, yes. It’s a sad condition when mankind makes comparison of who deserves and doesn’t deserve being treated like a human being because they look differently, or don’t have the same religious beliefs, or are of a different gender.

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  7. #45 retweeted fake crime stats against people of color obtained from the same sites where Dylann Roof was getting his ‘facts’. America wasn’t ready for a president of color. It is the delusion of White Supremacy that ultimately led Dylann Roof to do this.

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