War is the Unfolding of Miscalculations… Assad, Trump, Putin, and Syria 2017

In his Executive Order, this is the country where Trump does not want refugees to enter the U.S. Now suddenly he cares about the people?

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The die has been cast. Last week the Trump administration signaled that the regime of Bashir Al Assad was not a priority for American policy in the Middle East. The comment was perplexing as the Assad regime has worked with the Iranians, and Hezbollah, both enemies of the United States to crush a revolt against his regime that began during the Arab Spring. Assad’s methods included the use of Sarin nerve agent and relentless attacks on civilians and were condemned by much of the world. In 2013 President Obama attempted to gain political support for military action against the Assad regime but was rebuffed by congressional Republicans as well as anti-war Democrats. The Syrian rebels were joined by radical Sunni Muslims of various Al Qaeda affiliates and later joined by the so called Islamic State. The Syrian army was on the point of collapse when…

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  2. Dear Xena,

    Syria is a complicated business We are dealing with a part of the world where peoples look on the US not acting as a sign of weakness where its leaders feel they can act with impunity without fear of repercussions.

    DT and his cohorts acted foolishly when they stated publicly that the US was not interested in regime change in Syria.Then the Syrian President Assad was even more foolish when he used sarin gas against his own peoples.

    This time Russia is complicit because its agents were supposed to make sure that President Assad gave up his stockpile of chemical weapons in 2013.

    Russia and Syria are denying their involvement. This time there is not much wiggle room for denial. Witnesses say that on 4/5 they saw Syrian aircraft striking its citizenry and U.S. has the technology to verify this. The victims’s symptoms mimicked that of sarin gas damage. Turkish doctors with UN observers present did autopsies which verified that the victims died because of sarin gas.

    Then more telling, later on the same day, witnesses saw an aircraft strike the medical facility where rescuers were taking the sarin gas patients.

    Again, the US has the tech know how to verify this claim.

    Hugs, Gronda


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    • Gronda,
      Tonight, the news showed videos of people suffering from the gas. It was difficult to watch. You’re right that the situation in Syria is complicated. As I understand it now, Russia is upset that the U.S. bombed. I think back to what I said earlier this year — war with Russia is inevitable.

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      • Dear Xena,

        Here is what I know/ don’t know:

        1.) DDT is not one who I would think becomes emotional over pictures of children being hurt to where he does 180 degree adjustment in his thinking. I do not ascribe to him any credibility, integrity or decency.

        2.) President Bashar is more than capable of gassing his own peoples to get them to move to areas under his control. This is not a good guy. Still, his timing was totally tone deaf but then he knew he had the backing of Russia.

        3.) Russia has good control over the area and President Putin is not a good guy.

        4.) Too many witnesses saw a Syrian aircraft strike where peoples were victimized by sarin gas. US military can verify this via its advanced technology. When the Turkish doctors did autopsies, there were UN observers present. The victims all presented themselves with symptoms typical of those gassed with sarin chemical weapon. I absolutely buy this scenario.

        So how could this be a wag the dog scenario?

        Here is where new pieces of the puzzle are helpful.

        1.) It turns out that post the Syrian gas attack on the same day, witnesses saw a RUSSIAN DRONE which was followed up with an airstrike on a medical facility where the sarin gas victims were being treated.
        2.) Close up photos reviewed by military experts of the Shayrat airbase indicate that Russian planes are interspersed with Syrian aircraft. This means Russian military are working side by side with the Syrian soldiers to where it would be hard to fathom how Russia would not have been aware of Syria’s plan to inflict a sarin gas attack on its own peoples from this very same airfield.

        3.) This retaliatory US military action did minimal damage.

        4.) US military brass is now looking into any Russian involvement in the sarin gas attack.

        So, the “wag the dog” scenario is possible, even plausible but not likely (my bias), if Russia orchestrated these events to help DDT improve his standing with the American peoples to where DDT would be in a better position to help Russia in the future by the lifting sanctions against it. For Russia’ s effort to be worthwhile, it would require DDT’s tacit approval.

        Russia and Syria’s reaction to DDT’S US military retaliatory action will tell me more.

        Hugs, Gronda

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        • Gronda,
          Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. You are really staying on the case.

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          • Dear Xena,

            I am biased against the conspiracy theories because it would break my heart to have to admit that the USA could have had anything to do with this tragedy. But because DDT is such an untrustworthy character, I can’t say that this is not a possibility.

            What I am disgusted with, is the media coverage covering this like a blow by blow game instead of the serious event that it is.

            Hugs, Gronda

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          • Gronda,
            In the last several weeks, I find myself turning away from cable news because most of it is not reporting but conducting interviews for opinions. If I want to know about current news outside of politics, I have to read the ticker-tape across the bottom of the screen.

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  3. While I’m normally not a conspiracy theory person, I do wonder about the suggestions that this was coordinated with Russia to distract from DT’s Russian problems. Apparently, Trump notified Russia about the airstrike way ahead of time.

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  5. I keep hoping those on the Hill will DO something to end this travesty called Chump. How stupid do they think we are?? Apparently they think we’re very stupid.


    • Mindyme,
      They know that informed voters aren’t stupid, but they also know that they alone have the power and authority. We need fresh faces to get into politics and we need restructuring so that the main parties do not keep the monopoly.

      We just had local elections here, and voter turn-out was very low. It’s because of the choices on the ballot. The candidates have no clue what reality is for those they call “constituents.”


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