Walker, Louisiana Police Officer Resigns After Found Placing Noose In Squad Room

An unnamed, high-ranking Walker Police officer, who was employed by the department for about a decade, has resigned after he was suspended for placing a noose inside the squad room of the department.  He was originally suspended for 3 days without pay.  A meeting to review the officer’s conduct and consider disciplinary action was scheduled, but was cancelled after the officer announced his resignation.

Louisiana law RS 14:40.5 prohibits a noose in a public place. Anyone convicted faces up to a $5,000 fine and one year in prison or both.  The Walker police Investigative Unit has asked Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Office to investigate for criminal charges.  The case has been handed over to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for criminal investigation.

Police Chief David Addison is new to the job.  The assistant chief is an African American.  A lieutenant, who is also Black, found the noose.  Security camera footage recorded the officer leaving the noose hanging in the department’s squad room.

Paperwork says that it was reported,
“You informed me that you fashioned the noose, or as you called it, the ‘slip knot,’ to pick with an arrestee that you had in custody…It was revealed to me via our department’s video cameras, that there was no arrestee present when you fashioned and displayed the cookie and noose in the squad room.”

Chief Addison is reported saying:

“Whether they’re white, black or oriental, we have a mixture here in Walker.  Everyone, I don’t care if you’re white, black, oriental, you will be treated fairly by my officers. This will not be tolerated period. This was poor judgment, bad character. It will not be tolerated with the Walker Police Department.”

WBRZ has a video and more on this story.



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  1. Dreamer9177

    Just because he resigned does NOT mean that he should be allowed to walk free. I hope that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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    • Mr. Militant Negro,
      Thanks for the reblog, dear friend. Here’s wishing you a wonderful week.

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      • I am looking forward to this week, hoping for more Trump failures.

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        • Mr. Militant,
          I don’t know if this country can withstand more Trump failures. There are already too many unanswered questions about Russia. What Trump needs to do is appoint people to the more than 500 open positions.

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          • Trump is not too interested in doing whats right for USA. He is being controlled by wealthy elite businessmen who want to line their greedy wallets. America is in deep poo poo.

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            • It looks to me as if Trump got sworn in, and thought he could sign Executive Orders and get other things done overnight without much insight. Because he likes the idea of being admired he would then spend the next 3 years on the campaign trail.

              It’s kinda like the kid who has chores to do before going out to play. They rush through it by putting the dirty clothes under the bed instead of the laundry basket; putting empty potato chip bags in a dresser drawer instead of in the garbage; and flipping over their pillow instead of changing their linen.

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            • Trump has/had no agenda other than rolling back everything Obama did that was good. Not to say Obama did a lot of good things, cause he didn’t. Obama played into the hands of the wealthy as well as Trump is doing but with Barack, at least every now and again he did something worthwhile. Trump has done nothing but undo everything good Obama did.

              I fear this type of Presidential action will become the “norm.” Un-doing what the previous POTUS has accomplished.


            • Mr. Militant,
              There are people in leadership positions that are limited to being reactionary, which is not leadership at all. That is how I see Trump.

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            • I won’t bore you with how I see trump, because it contains plenty of profanity. Enjoy your day Sister.


  2. absolutely should be on record . because he is just going to hike ” down the street” to another PD that will think that behavior is ok…. this has to be on his record and not expunged

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  3. A lot of issues in that squad room, from that douchebag bringing in a noose, to Chief Addison calling Asians “oriental.”

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    • The Warner, there are times I refer to Asians as Oriental if their roots are in the Orient. The change of referring to them as Asians came after 911 which inferred that all people other than European Caucasians and Africans are Muslim. Suddenly, Egyptians were no longer on the continent of Africa, but are classified as Asians.

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    • but Asians ARE Orientals

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      • Before 911, do you remember any race of people being called “Asian”?

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        • yes absolutely! look up the word Asian and or “Chinese” or other like Vietnamese in any reputable dictionary


          • Francese,
            People self-identify their race, and there are people who identify by their country of origin, rather than by race.

            The description “African-American” was coined to distinguish between descendants of Black African slaves as opposed to Blacks who came/come to U.S. after slavery was abolished. It’s an American thing. I have a friend of Swedish descent whose parents were born in the U.S. and worked as missionaries in Africa. She was born in Africa and educated there until she was 14 years old. She considers herself African-American.

            You might remember that during the 2008 Presidential election, a woman stated to McCain that Barack Obama was an “Arab”. That is a term that was once used to describe people from the Middle-East.


      • It’s a term that is offensive to some Asians, certainly to my Asian friends.


      • “Negroid” is a term used to describe those of African descent, used by scientists today, nevertheless it’s offensive.

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  4. I also hate the the officer who did this is “unnamed.”

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  5. Dear Xena,

    There should be zero tolerance for this symbolism anywhere. Here is a chance to send a loud and clear message that those who think this is okay will learn the hard way that this action is not acceptable. The officer needs to have a record so that he is barred from being a police officer in the future.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  6. Welcome to 2017 in America people……………….AND THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES……


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