A Hawaii judge has just blocked President Trump’s revised travel ban

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Shockingly, Trump is displeased.

A federal judge on Wednesday stopped President Trump’s second attempt to temporarily ban visa holders from several majority-Muslim countries — and nearly all refugees — from entering the United States, hours before it was supposed to take effect. The ruling found that the order likely violates a constitutional prohibition against religious discrimination.

It was a scathing rebuke for an order that administration officials spent weeks reworking, in hopes of avoiding the judicial blockade that the first attempt sailed into in January.

Trump immediately panned it, in a speech in Tennessee. “This is, in the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial overreach,” he said.

The temporary restraining order came from federal judge Derrick K. Watson, of the District of Hawaii. It prevents the Trump administration from going forward with its plan to stop issuing visas to residents of Iran, Libya, Somalia…

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  1. Why no ban on Saudi from whence most of the 9/11 terrorists came. Could it be because Trump has business interests there but none in the Countries he wants to ban?

    • David,
      So it’s been said. The Saudis are said to be financially lucrative, and we know that Trump loves money.

  2. It gets worst

    Canadian nurses working at Michigan hospitals were shocked last week when border security officers stopped them from entering the U.S. because of changes to their working visas under new immigration policies.

    Staff at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital heard reports of nurses unable to renew their working visas. Last week, a new Canadian hire at Henry Ford tried to go to work, but was turned away at the Windsor-Detroit border.

    She was told advanced practice nurses and nurse anesthetists no longer qualify for the working visas because of policy changes under U.S. President Donald Trump.

    “We really question the motives,” said immigration lawyer Marc Topoleski, whose firm is retained by the hospital. “All of the immigration executive orders and all the things being rolled out have been focused on national security first, and this is clearly not an issue of national security whatsoever.”


    • crustyolemothman

      This would seem to be yet another attempt to destroy the NAFTA agreement that the medical professionals were using to access employment in this county. While there is little doubt that they would still qualify for entry under the H1B provisions, I would question if there is something to this story that we have yet to be told. Is it possible that these people are actually being banned for religious affiliation or birth place? It would seem that King tRump is pushing the boundary of decency at every level, in an effort to placate the hateful group of people that support him.

      I do find it almost amusing that after all the whining and crying that the GOPTP did about executive orders from former President Obama, that they are remaining very quiet as the King tRump governs exclusively by twitter and ex order… While I was not a huge fan of Pres. Obama having to govern via ex order, he was at least wise enough to hire people that were able to write one that would likely pass a judicial review… It is not difficult to understand why the King tRump has difficulty pushing an ex order that survives the judicial process when one looks at the people he has placed into his inner circle as advisors…

      • Mothman,

        “It is not difficult to understand why the King tRump has difficulty pushing an ex order that survives the judicial process when one looks at the people he has placed into his inner circle as advisors.”

        You hit the proverbial nail on the head. Since the Civil War, this nation has always found ways of circumventing law and the constitution, but that is usually done by court decisions, or having no attorneys to bring the matters to court. Trump has surrounded himself with people who appear to want to violate the constitution with a stroke of the pen on an Executive Order.

  3. Well done, wise judge!

  4. More news about Russian hackers.

  5. Two sides to a story

    #Resist #Persist !!!

  6. Dear Xena,

    Thanks for all of your support.

    As more and more judges come out with a ruling v DT’S Muslim ban/ travel ban, it seems to me, that this should make it more difficult for the Supreme Court to overturn the lower courts’ decisions.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda,
      It all depends on how the Justices interpret the Executive Order and if it violates the constitution. Trump contends that his EO does not say “Muslim,” but the most recent decisions entering the injunctions say that it is clear by Trump’s comments that the EO discriminates against Muslims. If it goes to the Supreme Court, we might end up with one of those “I know it when I see it” decisions.

  7. How can he claim, with a straight face, this isn’t a ban against people who are Muslim when he PROMISED he would ban people who are Muslim during his campaign!!

    • Mindyme,
      It’s learned behavior. Look how many contractors he has screwed out of money, and the Trump University scam. In a video that he did before running for office, Trump referred to those he does business with as “victims.” Trump thinks of those who trust him as his “victims.”

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