Trump Lays The Groundwork For Feds Invading Chicago With Latest Tweet

Yet, Chicago is 8th in the highest murder rate per capita. St. Louis comes in first, followed by Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Cleveland, Newark, NJ, and Memphis, TN. Trump’s focus on Chicago is — well — out of focus.

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Trump Lays The Groundwork For Feds Invading Chicago With Latest Tweet

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If Trump is serious about reducing violence, he should consider tightening the nation’s gun laws.

Just a month after Donald Trump proposed sending the feds to fix Chicago’s “horrible carnage,” he took to Twitter again to slam the Windy City, saying they “need help.”

“Seven people shot and killed yesterday in Chicago,” Trump said in his tweet. “Chicago needs help!”


Once again, it seems that Trump is making a knee-jerk response to media reporting and capitalizing on violence that has plagued Chicago in recent years. His tweet comes on the same day that The Chicago Tribune reported that homicides in the city are already outpacing last year’s numbers.

Trump’s post is only the latest sign that…

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  1. Dreamer9177

    The first time that this Nazi succeeds in putting federal law enforcement, or worse yet, troops into ANY American city will be another nail in the coffin of this country.

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  2. Deborah the Closet Monster

    He tweeted something about Chicago a few days into his term. I saw it and, thanks to Naomi Klein, suspected more would be coming.

    (She’s joined The Intercept to cover the Trump admin’s shocks; I suspect this will be among them.)

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    • Hey Deborah! Right. He even mentioned Chicago during his campaign. I suspect that when he was suppose to be in Chicago at the UofI Pavillon, and there were so many protesters that the rally was called off, that he wants retribution now.

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  3. I am loving the activism at the Town Hall meetings of citizens insisting their representatives do their jobs.

    An announcement was made that the military would not be used in the immigration process which I’d like to believe is true.

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    • Mindyme,
      When I hear Trump say “military” in association with Chicago and/or immigration, I interpret it as National Guard. Trump would need the approval of the governors to activate the National Guard for federal operations. And, he will need to pay the National Guard from federal funds. As we have already seen, Trump does things through Executive Orders and to challenge the constitutionality does not prevent damage and harm caused while the EO is being challenged. I don’t put anything past him.

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  4. Two sides to a story

    I read that a significant number of guns ending up in Chicago come from Pence’s home state, Indiana . . .

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  5. #1: This is just a distraction. To take the attention off his OK’ing anti-America actions. Actions like: dumping coal waste into our just cleaned up rivers, OK’ing allowing stock brokers to act against their clients interests to make themselves more commission, and a lot more. Donald Trump does not give a damn about Chicago lives lost one way or another.

    #2: If he really wanted to help the people of Chicago he would at least mention investigating the torture facility documented to exist in Chicago and condemned by Amnesty International. He would address long documented culture of police abuse and corruption that contributes to an atmosphere of contempt for the Justice System.

    But he doesn’t. All he’s doing is saying “watch what I’m doing with my left hand”, while he destroys democracy with his right hand. Why doesn’t he announce that he will release his tax returns and show his financial relationships with Russia? Now THAT would be a blow against crime (and TREASON)!

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    • Livesandblog, you make good points. The DOJ filed their report on the Chicago police department. Trump doesn’t mention nor hold the CPD accountable for communities not trusting them. Gangs in Chicago did not start overnight, last year, a decade ago, 3 decades ago. The CPD allowed gangs to form and grow, and go beyond gang territory disputes to dealing drugs, extortion, murder for hire, etc. It didn’t start in the minority communities either. It began with Al Capone.

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