Off Duty LA Cop Fires Gun Into Group of Unarmed Teens Walking Home From School

These were kids. The physical restraint questions if what the off duty officer did was a violation of law.

The video on the original post has been removed by Youtube.  Here is another video of the same.


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An off duty LA Cop fired his service pistol into a group of teens after escalating an argument over a kid walking over his lawn. There were a lot of opportunities to deescalate this one, and the Cop chose none of them, manhandling an unarmed 13 year old teen as the crowd around him grew. This is one of those neighborhood spats that should have been taken up with the boy’s parents in a neighbor-neighbor discussion.

Protests Erupt After Video Shows Off-Duty LAPD Cop Firing A Gun In Dispute With Teen

Police have arrested two teenagers in connection with Tuesday afternoon’s confrontation, but Gaby Hernandez, a spokesperson for a group that organized the protest, told The Huffington Post that activists want the “immediate arrest” of the officer for “child abuse” for the incident.

In the video, the off-duty officer can be heard saying that the boy threatened to shoot him…

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  1. crustyolemothman

    Yet again we see an armed man using his power as a police officer to force a child to bend to his wishes! Is this what our nation has come to with hate and force the only way to deal with problems? While we really don’t know what brought out the confrontation to begin with, one thing is immediately obvious, the “alleged adult” was forcefully manhandling a child, and that is totally unacceptable (or should be) in a civilized society. It is this kind of attitude shown by this officer that is now becoming prevalent amongst the white males in our society who feel that their rights are not being awarded the respect they demand…

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I was so shocked that he pulled out a gun.

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    • I think we now have a glimpse as to why more people have little to no respect for cops. Chances are that all of those kids are going to enter adulthood with no respect for cops because of the actions of one.

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  2. I am so sick of everything going on these days. I’ve worked in groups and committees for change, and it hasn’t helped. Maybe I’m just tired, but when I see something like this, or really, any of the stuff I see daily, I almost wish I had not made it through the heart attack in August. I don’t want to see this anymore. My heart is broken. I wish I’d have died.


    • Two sides to a story

      Have courage and stay alive! The resistance needs you!

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    • yahtzeebutterfly


      I understand.

      You are blessed with a deeply caring, compassionate heart. You are precious to those around you and me. Hang in there because you have so much to contribute.

      We need your help in “carrying it on.”

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    • Rachael,
      You’re alive for a reason. I’m glad you did not die. There is a saying that tears and heartbreak are intercessory prayers.

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  3. Two sides to a story

    This happened just a few miles from where I live, practically around the corner. Rumors abound that this particular cop is a white supremacist type, but it could be just a rumor because this area of Orange County is extremely diverse, so I don’t see why someone with that ideology would chose to live here. (In the 1920s or so, KKK controlled some city councils and law enforcement agencies here, and there is still some infiltration of law enforcement by those types and some gang-type cops even now. Butl he could just be a termpermental type who has a hissy if someone steps in his yard).

    It’s curious too that he lives so far outside LA (approx. 35 miles) but on the other hand, some people do commute long distances to their jobs here. LA cops make good money and presumably he can afford to fence his yard or put hedges around it – or being such a tough guy, could do this himself to avoid labor costs. Problem solved!

    Pitiful response to young teens from a grown-azz man! I live on a block where lots of schoolkids walk by daily with nary a problem (our front yard is open to street and sidewalk), so I’m guessing the problem in this case may be more the cop than the kids, unless they knew of his temper and decided to bait him.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Thanks for sharing this background info to the community where this occurred, Two sides. It helps to know the make up of the neighborhood where this took place.

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  4. Two sides to a story

    PS – In some places, I suppose a homeowner or renter could brandish a weapon and get away with it, but Cali has the strictest gun laws in the nation. You know darn well that if a civilian brandished a gun around unarmed kids and accidentally discharged it, they very likely would have been charged with something. So giving this cop a free pass stinks – and the protests have been pretty rowdy, I’ve heard. (I was tempted to run over and do some filming and photos of the protest, but have been too busy). Apparently 24 people were arrested at the protest last night after some taunting of cops including bottle and rock throwing.

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    • Two sides,

      “You know darn well that if a civilian brandished a gun around unarmed kids and accidentally discharged it, they very likely would have been charged with something.”

      That is what I was thinking too. Of course, the off-duty officer can say that he was in fear of great bodily harm because a crowd started gathering around him. But, it was because of his escalation that more than several people gathered in his direction. All he had to do was let the kid go. Had the kid violated any law, I’m sure the off-duty officer could identify him to those on-duty.


  5. Dreamer9177

    Sadly, this type of behavior will only become more common as the RWNJ lunatics double-down on their hate and racism, along with their belief that the police are infallible and that the only problem is that there are not enough heavily armed cops already. The police are only around to enforce the status quo and make certain that the prison industry has a ready supply of labor for the future.

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    • Dreamer,
      We will all be under Russian rule in May, anyway. The guy that punched the off-duty officer was wrong, but the officer could have de-escalated the situation before it came to that. The 13-year old said that his dad is a cop. If that’s true, that off-duty cop might not be comfortable knowing that he physically restrained a cop’s son.

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