Trump advisers were in contact with Russia throughout the campaign

The media should ask the right question, which is, what did Trump and/or his team promise Russia in exchange for their help and propaganda?

The Fifth Column

From left: Trump advisor Steve Bannon, advisor Stephen Miller and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus listen while US President Donald Trump speaks at the beginning of a meeting with lawmakers in the Roosevelt Room of the White House February 2, 2017 in Washington, DC. / AFP / Brendan Smialowski        (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

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It shouldn’t be shocking news at this point. After all, Russian officials were bragging about it just two days after the election.

Russia said it was in contact with President-elect Donald Trump’s team during the U.S. election campaign, despite repeated denials by the Republican candidate’s advisers that any links existed.

Trump’s team not only denied it at the time, they’ve been denying it ever since. We’re not just talking about Michael Flynn chatting up the Russian ambassador, but what was described as “quite a few” people in nearly continuous contact. Now that connection has been confirmed from the other end.

Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former…

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  1. Trump is such a liar, we are all doomed. I just pray that he doesn’t cross Russia.

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    • Ladylove,
      I think that Putin might already believe that Trump has crossed him.

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      • It’s just sad that Trump think this is a game. I have no idea what people saw in him to believe that he could take on such a serious job as being President. He’s too immature in my opinion for a title as President. I’m praying this will not cause the US to go to war with Russia.


  2. Dear Xena,

    When DT’s campaign operatives were in contact with Russian officials in the middle of the hotly contested 2016 presidential election, they were not talking about the weather. It is only logical to want to know what the level of collusion was.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  3. crustyolemothman

    I find it amusing in a perverted sense that after we had listened to the GOP telling us that it was possible to hack into the voting machines, that suddenly we hear that they are not able to hack them! We now have a new Ollie North named Flynn, who is to become wealthy beyond imagination for falling on a sword for King tRump the 1st! If we as a people do not rise up and demand investigations and force the nation back onto the track we as a nation can not survive. What comes next, camps for the liberals, the minorities and anyone that does not pledge allegiance to King tRump? I don’t know how many of you have actually been reading many of the comments from King tRumps supporters on the various news blogs, but they have already been suggesting similar moves along with the banning of the news media that does not toe the line…

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    • Mothman,
      Don’t know if you heard, but MSNBC reported tonight that the FBI will no longer include Trump in meetings pertaining to national security. They no longer trust him. There was also something said that the purported “leaks” come from Trump himself who talks to people who do not have security clearance.


      “I don’t know how many of you have actually been reading many of the comments from King tRumps supporters on the various news blogs, …”

      I generally stay away from those places. It does not surprise me that his supporters want to violate the constitutional rights of everyone who disagrees with them. Trump thinks the same because of his narcissism. Narcissists want to be the only ones to thrown stones, tell lies, take jabs, make personal attacks, and demean others.

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  4. ugh, 1st of all, why does he always have to preempt Days of our Lives and 2nd. Does he even believe the BS he spews?

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    • crustyolemothman

      If we are actually pretty lucky he will only preempt the TV Days of our Lives and not do so in real time!
      I suspect he really does believe his own BS, as he does live in a different reality than we common people! However the thing to worry about is that his serfs believe his BS and far too many of them would be willing to destroy this nation if he told them to!

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  5. yahtzeebutterfly


  6. Trump wants journalists to do the work of his staff in meeting with the CBC. He didn’t know what the acronym stands for.

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  7. See, it’s all our fault that Russia is dissing us. If we would just shut up about it they could make a deal!

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  8. Yep, Mindyme. And, according to Trump, it’s Obama’s and Hillary’s fault that Russia is flexing its muscles now that Trump is in office. It’s the media’s fault for putting a tone in their print media that does not hold Trump up as the savior of the world, and it’s the fault of the Democratic party as a minority in Congress for holding up confirmations of his appointees.

    Trump is in over his head.

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  10. So scary. Can you imagine what the reaction would have been if President Obama would have been found secretly talking to the Russians? Tea Party heads would have exploded.


    • Eurobrat, I don’t want to imagine.
      Trump has a certain ability to represent Putin as someone the U.S. needs to align with to rid the world of ISIS. But, if Putin was interested in doing that, why hasn’t he helped France and Turkey who has experienced ISIS attacks? Why hasn’t France and Turkey said, “Hey Putin! Help us.”

      People should really start thinking by looking at the total picture. Putin is not the friend of any nation.

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      • Nope. His only real interest is to advance Russia’s power and advantage in the world. We need to be clear-eyed about that, but we have a befuddled idiot as President instead.


        • Eurobrat,
          I’ve tried figuring out the ultimate goal. I don’t remember much about Communism, but seem to remember that only the government owned businesses and property. People worked for the government and government provided housing, medical care, food rations, etc. So, with Trump being a businessman, and filled with greed, what better way to make America work for him that to transform this nation into one of communism where he owns everything? Putin would be a good mentor in helping Trump reach that goal and sharing in the bounty.

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          • Good point, although when the gov’t is combined with a corporation, that is actually closer to fascism. Not that it matters that much–they’re both two sides of the same coin, and they’re both bad news for the people of this country. I agree that Trump admires Putin precisely because he is a dictator.


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