Two Armed and Masked White Men Walked Into a Dearborn Police Station

armed-men-in-dearbornpsWhat I’m writing about clearly shows that we are in a system motivated by racism/white supremacy. This also shows that the true and greatest threat to Law enforcement are white males,, contrary to the false War on Cops propaganda, and contrary to the false narrative that ONLY  black males are targeting cops.

On February 5,2017. Two white males, James V Baker 24 yrs old of Leonard Michigan, and Brandon Vreeland 40 yrs old of Jackson Michigan, were arrested after walking into a Dearborn, Michigan police station carrying firearms, and wearing ski masks and body armor. This began when  shoppers at the Fort Road shopping district called police about two suspicious men wearing ski masks and body armor. When police arrived, the men were gone.

Later a police sergeant spotted the vehicle and conducted and pulled them over for a traffic stop.They matched the description. However, Baker while in his ski mask, refused to talk to police. The sergeant let them go because he didn’t see any guns in the car. This is on video.

Some time later, Baker and Vreeland decided to get their firearms and go to the Dearborn police station. According to these individuals, “After being pulled over illegally, we felt in fear of our lives.We had to protect ourselves”

Baker was fully armed with semi automatic assault rifles and a Glock 19, along with several fully loaded magazines. Baker was decked out in a ski mask and Vreeland was not wearing a ski mask, but both men were wearing body armor. Vreeland is holding a camera. They enter the police station. Immediately, they were confronted by a police officer who orders them to drop his weapon. This goes on for over 3 minutes. This is on video.

Finally the 2 men are arrested and charged with failure to cooperate with police, resisting, and breaching the peace. These men were freed upon posting a $1500 a bond. All of the charges are misdemeanors.

Several points.

  1. I didn’t list any firearms charges because every article I read on this case didn’t have a firearms charge.

2.  All of the charges are misdemeanors. No FELONIES. This means they will still have access to firearms.

3. These white men were the people cops were called about yet cops let them go. Think about all the unarmed NON THREATENING black people  killed because they “matched ” a “description or they fit  a profile”.

As you watch the videos remember the 2-30 time frames that police took to kill Tamir Rice, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Amadou Diallo, Terrance Crutcher, John Crawford, Keith Lamont, Scott Miriam, Carey Korryn Gaines, and all of the countless black people quickly killed by police. Yet incredible restraint is shown to armed and decked out white men who  were clearly confrontational.

Baker and Vreeland said they were in fear of their lives. Not one police officer said ” I was in fear of my life. I was in fear for my life” throughout the entire criminal matter. Unarmed, non threatening black people can make police officers in fear of their lives. Armed, body armored and ski masked wearing white men apparently don’t make police fearful for their lives.

Clearly the case could be made for terrorism. Since these were armed people with a grudge against LEOs; since these were white men, no terrorism charges were filed or considered.

I’m pretty sure if Pakistani,Iranian,Iraqi,Somali,Nigerian Muslims or Nation of Islam members did this, that terrorism charges would have been pursued and granted.

I hope you found this informative.


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  1. Wow! I am glad it’s taped!

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    • Hi Toni! They taped it themselves. I suppose they thought it would embarrass the police officers.

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      • crustyolemothman

        Xena: Actually it should embarrass the police officers, however IMO it will not! The winds of hate are blowing hard in this nation today!
        I heard that the Rosetta Stone courses teaching Russian language skills are quickly selling out!!!


  2. At least they didn’t shoot anyone though they should have been charged as though they were prepared to. It’s disgusting that racism can still rear it’s head in America after all this time.

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  3. There are clearly two different Americas. There is NO WAY that this same exchange would have happened if these two had been persons of color. I watched/listened in absolute consternation and distress!!! OMG!
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Roach,
      Just wanted to let you know — whatever computer or phone you used to submit your comment, it went into the spam folder. It did not go into moderation, so the IP address assigned to the source you used must be in the Word Press blacklist. Since we get very little spam, that it would show having a comment made me take a look — and it was you!

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      • I was on a computer at work and they have so many things blocked. Pulling up a wordpress account happens to be one of those things. I know how to go in a different way but obviously it sends any/all messages to spam. It’s good to know that now. I guess I won’t be sending any messages on wordpress from work…… Glad you were able to retrieve me from spam………………………YOU’RE THE BEST!!!


        • Roach,
          Around July 2014, I changed the comment options for this blog requiring that people sign-in through a Word Press account to submit comments. I did that because of a bombardment of harassing comments that had been ongoing since September 2012. As I understand it, the sign-in also allows people to submit comments by using their Twitter or Facebook accounts. Comments that are submitted without the required sign-in go into trash.

          Anyway, I get very little spam — maybe 1 or 2 a month. While Word Press sends email notifications for comments that go into the moderation queue, it doesn’t for comments that go into the spam queue. But, since we don’t generally get spam, I check that queue when I see something in it.

          Hope you’re having a blessed week!


  4. I wonder if they know how very privileged and fortunate they were

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    • Mindyme,
      In my opinion, they know how threatening they are, and they depend on fear to give them additional, forced privileges, such as walking into a police station dressed like the militia and not being immediately fired on.

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  5. crustyolemothman

    I have to shake my head in shame for our country! Not even thinking about the confrontation at the police station, I am shocked that any officer could not or would not detain a man in a ski mask after the report from the mall! Does anyone think for just a short second that had the person in the ski mask been anything other than a “white Meracan”, that the officer would have simply released him (them)? I guess it is my fault that I can not accept that the color of my skin “should or must” allow me rights that are not extended to all US citizens…

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    • Mothman,
      You know, there are group who have written warnings to law enforcement officers about sovereign citizens, and in some jurisdictions, they are categorized as citizens militia. They have set their reputation for having no problem killing officers for no reason whatsoever other than they are being questioned.

      Yes, the inequality based on the color of skin is hypocritical. The double-standard is now plainly seen.

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  6. It’s an assault! What about public safety?


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