Travel Ban Ruling: 9th Circuit upholds stay of Trump’s travel ban in win for opponents

If anyone is interested in reading the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Order, I’ve uploaded it here.

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Travel Ban Ruling: 9th Circuit upholds stay of Trump's travel ban in win for opponentsImage Credit: AP


A nationwide stay of President Donald Trump‘s travel ban was upheld Thursday by a panel of three federal judges, effectively blocking the enforcement of Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries as well as refugees from all over the world.

The stay does not mean Trump’s travel ban is unconstitutional. Instead, it simply prohibits the ban’s enforcement until the courts determine the legality of Trump’s executive order.

Still, it’s a win for opponents of the travel ban, who claim that the order, in essence, places a religious test on immigrants — which is unconstitutional thanks to the First Amendment.

In the unanimous decision, the court said lawyers for the Trump administration failed to prove that a…

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  1. Yay!

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    • Hey Rachael! Trump and his staff just got a lesson on the three branches and role of the judiciary. I wonder if his next Executive Order will attempt to remove the jurisdiction of the federal courts to review his EOs?

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  2. Here’s a good summary breakdown by PBS.

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  3. Thanks for sharing Xena.

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  4. Thank you San Francisco Judges!

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  5. yahtzeebutterfly

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

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    • crustyolemothman

      I actually wonder if he realizes that he by way of his representatives has already been in court twice and lost both times? Too bad the American public, because of these type of problems have lost interest in investigations into his alleged Russian connections that allowed him to seize the office with the aid of the FBI and other questionable sources. We should ask our GOPTP supporting citizens if control of the SCOTUS was really so important that you were willing to destroy this nation to gain control? Yes, remind me once more that the voting machines could not be hacked… Hmmm, does anyone else remember the statements in years past that said they were able to be hacked by outside sources? Whoops, please forgive me for getting off topic, I will now hang my head in shame… ;-(

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  7. I know that events are happening right on time! We exist, not at our own pleasure, but at the pleasure of our Creator. His “chariot”, though unseen, is constantly on the move, and whenever the evil one makes a move for bad, our Creator makes a counter move. Humans are not in control, and soon as stated at Genesis 3:15; “. . . he will crush your head, . . .” meaning that the devil, will be smashed out of existence! Until then, I will try to keep my blood pressure down, and spread truth!

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    • yahtzeebutterfly


      “Until then, I will try to keep my blood pressure down, and spread truth!”

      Have you seen this video?

      Some of the text that accompanies this video:
      “The pond is the World,
      You Heart is the pebble
      The Ripple is the Love
      and Positive Intention
      you send out
      with every Heartbeat.”

      (And the ripple grows as it connects with other hearts that add to the ripple.)

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    • Dear Xena and friends,

      I have asked Him about what is going on? I do not hear voices, get visions etc. But i do get these moments of clarity which frankly is a comfort to me.

      Here it goes:

      This is the grumpy old White men’s “Last Hurrah,” and their days are numbered. They will manage to bury themselves with their own misdeeds and in the future, they will not be missed.

      But the American peoples will benefit from “a wake up” call to where they appreciate the blessings of this country and its forefathers pre-planning. The USA was meant to give the world a signal for hope but its peoples will need to stand up and fight to keep this country moving forward. We have to be active participants, by not being lazy TV watchers, armchair quarterbacks while putting all of our trust in elected officials. We cannot take this great country for granted.

      This means that we must also fight for the truth.

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      • Well, we all have a choice to make. And remember Syria is a burned out cinder, because the citizens thought they could use violence against their government. They couldn’t, and neither can anyone else. God’s purpose includes living people, so keep living!

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      • Gronda,
        I don’t speak for every believer, but what I believe that God has a Body and each member of the Body does what it is intended for. In other words, it’s okay if you don’t have visions or hear His voice. There’s more to the Body than ears and eyes.

        Yes, we will benefit from a wake-up call. Since Trump’s election, I’ve read hundreds of times about “resist” and fighting back. What I sincerely want an answer to is how. Not everyone can do what others do. For some, it’s physically protesting. For others, it’s signing petitions. Still others find that they are the knees of the Body to stay in prayer.

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        • Dear Xena,

          I am believing that you simply do something that you can do but you do it, whether it is prayer, phone calling legislators or media, tweeting, emailing, writing letters, blogging, protesting, whatever, but mostly it is resisting the divisiveness and fear being sold by DT and his crowd. And we do this by supporting and loving one another.

          Hugs, Gronda

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  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    “9th Circuit Judge Wants Another Vote over Trump Travel Ban Decision”


    “In a rare move, one of the judges on the Ninth Circuit of Appeals has made a request that a vote be taken as to whether the order issued by the three judges Thursday night should be reconsidered en banc, which means before 11 federal judges of the Ninth Circuit. It’s not clear if this means that this judge (who was not named in the order) believes that there are enough votes to overturn the lower court’s decision which put a temporary halt on Trump’s controversial travel ban or if the judge simply wasn’t satisfied with the panel’s decision. Regardless, it is an interesting move that could bode well for President Trump, and throws yet another legal twist into the ongoing court battle between Trump and those trying to prevent his controversial immigration ban from being enforced.”

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    • The vote is for an en banc hearing to be considered. It’s not a vote on the decision entered by the 3 appellate court judges. So many judges are required to vote “yes” to re-hear the arguments. Since the case is back in the Washington federal district court for hearing on the preliminary injunction, an en banc hearing on the motion to stay the temporary injunction would be moot.

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  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Trump People’s Court – SNL”

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  10. chuquestaquenumber1

    Did you hear of the Trump supporting Syrian family who got affected by this? It was fascinating. This family probably thought that Trump was ONLY going after Muslims. That the ban would ONLY affect Muslims. They thought as Christians they were safe. They waited 13 yrs for their relatives. Bought a nice house ,had a nice room set up for them. Did what they were supposed to do. Then their relatives are picked up just as they got off the plane in the USA. Their relatives are put on a plane to another country ,then end up in Syria. I guess they didn’t hear of the WHEN THEY CAME FOR THE ——–Speech.

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    • Chuquest,
      So they thought they and their family were safe from the ban, uh? Well, Trump can’t distinguish between Christians from Syria and Muslims from Syria, so that leads to the next step — which is to require a half-moon sewn on the clothing of Muslims and a cross sewn on the clothing of Christians. Then comes the papers, then the branding.

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