The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin – Today Would Have Been His 22nd Birthday

trayvon-martin111Trayvon Martin was born on February 5, 1995.  He would have been 22 years old today.

It is because Trayvon was killed that I came to the internet in 2012.  The man who killed him claimed defense under Florida’s controversial stand your ground law.   Seeing racially bigoted comments, and attacks upon his family and friends, opened my eyes that America is not post-racial.   Others saw this too.  The Black Lives Matter Movement was birthed.

Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, have published a book titled “The Enduring life of Trayvon Martin: Rest in Power“.   The 368 page hardcover book sells for $26.00.  The book is available for Kindle for $12.99 and on audio CD for $35.00.  It became available in bookstores on January 31, 2017.

Yes, dear brother Trayvon, you are resting in power.  May your parents, and all parents who advocate against gun violence and for truth and equal justice, be strengthened and empowered to keep the light burning.

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, Rest In Power

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Such a beautiful tribute. Thank you Xena.

    May Trayvon’s legacy forever live on in our hearts as we continue to advocate for social justice and equality.

    LLMPapa’s “Dreams Lost” :

    Live on, Trayvon, live on!

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  2. Two sides to a story

    Doesn’t seem possible it was 5 years ago . . . we will never forget, Trayvon.

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  3. I posted on Facebook earlier today letting Trayvon know I had not forgotten him. He opened my eyes to so much. He is only 2 years younger than my son. My son is Married, just gave me my third granddaughter Friday night. As happy as I am about it, there is sadness too. Sadness that Trayvon would never have the opportunity to experience that on this earth.

    I have not forgotten you, Trayvon. You mean so much to me and have taught me so much.

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    • Rachael,
      Congratulations on the new granddaughter.

      Just imagine, I met you and so many others in 2012-2013 and we’re still here. Trayvon brought us together. Trayvon, Jordan, Kendrick, and so many others did not get the opportunity to continue living. But, it’s because of Trayvon that I was still around and became aware of Jordan, Kendrick, and others. It’s because of stand your ground that I took interest in that law and other cases with claims of self-defense. It’s because of Trayvon that I became aware that some people are led by hate and racial bigotry, and others are led by love and equality.

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  5. Like

  6. I feel for him. Being chased through the dark by a man with a gun. – And all he can do is run, run, run. Dying alone in the dark, breathing his last on the grass. Scared, then dead. So sorry brother, I wish I could have been there to help.

    Then the cheesing preachers come out and tell everyone to be quiet and patient. And the parents second the motion. Giving the next killer permission to do it again next time. Too much love, too much love; nothing kill a brother like too much love.

    Maybe someday a murdered girl or boy’s mother won’t be in such an all fired rush to “forgive” their child’s killer. Maybe they won’t consent to tell all of us who hurt with the dead to just go home and be patient. Maybe they will refuse to make it easy to kill the next one. Maybe. We’ll see. You just know we will see it again.


    • I don’t remember Sybrina nor Tracy saying that they forgave the man who killed Trayvon. Even if they did, forgiveness is not for the person it’s directed towards, as much as it is for the person doing the forgiving. Unforgiveness can be like a cancer in the mind and body. It robs the unforgiving person of peace.

      Regarding your statement about preachers and parents telling everyone to be quiet and patient, what is your opinion of what they should have said? What would have been your option? Is it an option that you would have carried out yourself?

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      • Do you mean if it were my son? Oh yes, dear. That is most certainly ‘an option I would have carried out myself’. But then, I have been called upon by my country to do no less to others I would have much preferred to ‘forgive’ as they had done absolutely nothing to me.

        Also, to be clear, I feel that you are entitled to forgive as many people as you choose to. I however have noticed that waxy forgiveness just enkindles more abuse to practice ‘forgiveness’ on. As for me, I feel that the bible is correct; ‘forgiveness’ requires ‘repentance’ (and recompense). This tends to discourage an endless repetition such as we have now.

        In addition, I feel that I, and others, are entitled to ALL of our emotions. Anger and unforgiveness among them. I find the notion that only warm, comforting, feelings are to be tolerated to be absurd. Anger has it’s place and it’s needed function in a healthy human being. – And the murder of one’s child is an appropriate venue.


  7. Dear Xena,

    Trayvon Martin started this republican, White, Florida grandmother blogging when she didn’t even know what a ping was. I remember getting so many that I became upset because I thought I was doing something wrong.

    I was righteously angry over my fellow republicans for being supportive for the likes of a George Zimmerman while thrashing the memory of Trayvon Martin, a teenager who was simply walking home while being shot by a fool White man playing the part of a cop..

    His case started a movement that has not ended.His life has made a difference and his parents have done him, proud.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda,
      Preach it! His life has truly made a difference and been a wake-up call.

      I came to blogs thinking that the issue involved the stand your ground law. It was shocking to see that some folks used the incident to promote White Supremacist ideologies.

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      • I think he needed better representation. I did a better job of representing the case for murder in my chair at home, than the prosecution did in the courtroom! It wasn’t about ‘standing his ground’ because Trayvon was hunted down, and the prosecutor didn’t make the case for that, well!

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  8. Remember during the trial when the witness for Trayvon, the young female friend who was on the phone before he was shot? She was not viewed as credible because she could not get her point across well enough, right? Because she was not from the U.S.! English was her second language, and she did not use, nor was she offered an interpreter, but she needed one to be more credible! Remember, and I see this as cause for a retrial! The Spanish speaking lady who saw or heard something, the confrontation between Trayvon and Zimmerman did use an interpreter! And so did the Asian guy.
    There needs to be a retrial!


    • Toni,
      Welcome! Thanks for the comment. Racheal Jentel was born in America, but her parents were not. The person who needed an interpreter was defense attorney Don West, who continued asking the same questions over and over and over with very few objections from the state.

      In the U.S. once a defendant has been found not guilty by the court, there can be no re-trial. Prosecutors have no authority to appeal decisions like say, South Africa where the law allows them to.

      Many people are disappointed with that trial. It is my opinion that no matter what state prosecutors did or didn’t do, juror B37 was already tasked with leading the jury to acquit. Trayvon’s blood is on her hands just as much as his killer’s hands.


      • Spanish speaking children who have immigrant parents are considered to be raised in their language, so Miss Jentel was for legal reasons, in need of an interpreter. To me that’s new evidence!
        With new evidence can a new trial proceed?


  9. Happy birthday Trayvon.
    What a tragic and senseless loss. My heart goes out to your family and friends. Sending big hugs their way,

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