The Man Who Became King of The United States

mayflowerOnce upon a time, far away from the governments of other countries, sat a land of promise.  The first promise was freedom of religion, and that included freedom from religion.  When word got back to other civilizations that there was this land untouched by greed and tyrant rule, others came.

People could live off the land.  But soon, they thought how great it would be to grow enough crops to sell to other lands.  They did not want to join together as a corporation or commune because each one wanted to make and keep money for themselves.  They competed with each other.  The larger the family with more hands in the fields, the more crops they could grow and sell.  This competition made a demand for labor, so they went to another continent far, far away, and put people in chains and brought them to the new land and made them work for free.

As time went on, things changed.  The new land established rules and appointed rulers.  The country went to war, and the winner said that people could not be held against their will and made to work for free.    The people whose families were once rich became very unhappy.  They set to plot on how to return the country into the great wealth of a few.

donald-trump-moneyThe people decided that whoever had the most money had the most influence so they wanted a rich king.  They were among those from families who were once rich (by that time’s standards), and believed that the rich king would see them as equals.

A man came along and told the people that he had the answer but he would not tell them unless they made him king of the country.  The people asked, “Why should we make you king?”  The man answered, “Because I am rich.  I know how to get labor and goods for nothing. I know how to negotiate and make deals. Trust me. We can make this country great again by putting wealth into your hands.”

donald-trump-kingIn 2016, the people made that man king of the land.  It was a man who had lived like a king.  He loved gold and the color gold and surrounded his palace with gold.

The people soon learned that the king only met with rich people.  He only hired rich people to work in his palace, and he gave positions to family members.

The new king disregarded civil rights advocates.  Instead, he met with entertainers and athletes to ask them about problems in minority communities.  This caused some fans to question the entertainers and athletes who met with the king.  This played into the king’s agenda.  The king knows that it takes money to support causes and those with money have influence.  He would not risk the entertainers and athletes of color becoming wealthier and famous.  He hoped to reduce their fan base and negatively affect their credibility and financial future.

The king was also artful because as he listened to those he met, he said nothing.  That meant that in the future when his betrayal becomes known, he could say that he never told any of those he met with what he would or wouldn’t do — all he did was listen.

kellyanne-conway-feature-1The king was faced with women protesting his kingship.  He had called women names and treated them like pieces of meat.  He didn’t want to be reminded of that, so he got a woman to stand before the people and diminish the concerns of women.

He appointed a spokesperson who used the art of answering questions by saying that the king was meeting with others to further his agenda.  “Agenda” became a repetitive word, and very few people knew what the king’s spokesperson meant.  The king was artful in allowing people to fill in the blank.

As time went on, the king used the lust of money and greed to justify all of his decisions and non-decisions.  Having riches meant that he did not have to justify anything he did.  He could even violate law and if anyone didn’t like it, they would have to pay millions of dollars to get him into court.

He knew that the people of the land chose him because he boasted of his riches.  He made one year, two-year, and three-year projections on how much he could take from the wishful people of the country and put in the pockets of those who purchased his friendship and loyalty.

But the king forgot.  He forgot to protect the people from his business victims, several who are kings of their own countries.  One night as the king lay sleeping, the other kings slipped-in and took over his country.

The end.

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    A fairy tale that sounds so true and so close to home!!

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  2. Love it. Sad story … and sadly so true! Good one, sweet friend!! ❤ …

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  4. First, they came for the Muslims …

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  5. That’s pretty much the story, literally and metaphorically. My heart aches.


    • Hey JoAnn! I just saw on CNN that Iran has banned Americans from that country, and Baghdad is meeting to decide what to do with the 5,000 American troops in their country. It was reported that the those countries said they are fighters against ISIS and Trump’s order has placed them in the same category as terrorists. Then, there’s the matter of those people who have already been vetted, and having Visa’s, being stopped at airports. One man works with the American military.

      This is not good.

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      • Oh, no. Of course there would be REactions to his hasty actions. The guy isn’t used to “dealing” with people who have their own brand of power. He’s not a strategist. I hope there are no lives lost, no war.


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          I also hope there is no war.

          Did you know that the Senate voted in June 2016 to require women to also register for the draft, but that in July 2016 the House of Representatives voted against requiring women to register for the draft?

          “Senate Votes to Require Women to Register for the Draft”

          “House Votes to Prevent Women From Registering for Military Draft”

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          • It seems fair to make women register for the Draft (God willing, we never use it again). Surely, the ones with less battle appitude would get office or medical jobs. Even in my prime I would have made a sorry soldier — a weakling with little physical courage.

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        • JoAnn,
          I hope the same. And, I agree with you. Trump’s experience owning companies is in the realm of using the influence of money. He should leave negotiations and rules up to those with experience in government and the constitution.

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

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  7. yahtzeebutterfly


  8. This is a catastrophe.


  9. I just completed the reading of the petition filed by the ACLU that the court granted. A most interesting part states:

    “The INA forbids discrimination in issuance of visas based on a person’s race,
    nationality, place of birth, or place of residence. 8 U.S.C. § 1152(a)(1)(A)

    In other words, Trump is in violation of the Immigration and Nationalization Act.

    In another section of the petition, the ACLU argued that the Executive Order discriminates on the basis of country of origin, in violation of the equal protection component of the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

    I hope that Trump understands that if he is going to execute an Executive Order forbidding the entry of non-citizens into the United States, that he has to ban the entry of ALL non-citizens and not only those of 7 countries. Now, I highly doubt that he wants to do that.


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  11. Dear Xena,

    He is doing his best at being King while exhausting the rest of us. He who loves adulation picked the wrong country. Being the US leader is fraught with critics, it is part of the job description.

    As King, he can execute orders like the ban on refugees but the courts then have step in to stop what is unconstitutional.

    His fake news stories shared by surrogates like the Bowling Green Massacre; Iran targeting US Navy ship are quickly debunked by the same news outlets, he frequently chastises.

    The polls must be fake because he is so popular. He has the worst approval polling ratings in the history of polling.

    DT picked the wrong country to establish his kingdom. He should have picked Russia.

    Hugs, Gronda


    • Good afternoon, Gronda.

      “DT picked the wrong country to establish his kingdom. He should have picked Russia.”

      I think that Russia picked Trump. Russia has managed to infiltrate numerous decisions of the Trump administration. What better way to weaken a country and take over than to have the president think it’s all friendly and financially lucrative gestures?

      As president, Trump is suppose to know, honor, and uphold the constitution. But, he thinks that leading America is like running his business where he makes the contracts and rules and to challenge them means to take him to court, where he disrespects court orders and when his legal counsel gives him advice, denigrates the judges.

      Today, there are protests against Trump in other countries. This is not good for America.

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      • Dear Xena,

        You would think that he would want to leave a legacy to be proud of but he is not capable of acting for the future.

        Hopefully, he digs his own grave and buries himself, soon with his own actions.

        Hugs, Gronda


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