Marches Across America and The World Standing In Solidarity Against Donald Trump

I’ve spent most of today watching and reading the news about the  “Women Marches” happening today.   It is reported that in America alone, the numbers are over a million participating.


Photo credit: (Meredith Blake/Los Angeles Times)

Teresa Shook of Hawaii is given credit for starting the march.  She invited her Facebook friends to join her in a march in Washington, D.C. and what began with 40 of her friends grew to 10,000.  Today, there is an estimated 500,000 in attendance in D.C.

In Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. Rep. John Lewis,  kicked off the proceedings.

“We all came to this land in different ships but we’re all in the same boat now,” Lewis told the crowd, to loud whoops and cheers. “Got on your marching shoes? Let’s do it!”

Others are marching in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles,  Portland.  Women and men  around the world are also marching in solidarity and in opposition to the bigotry and hate that  Trump represents.   There are marches in  Sydney, Berlin, London, Paris and Cape Town, South Africa.



Los Angeles, California


For about 2 hours now, MSNBC and CNN have reported that Trump’s press secretary is suppose to give a statement.


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  3. We marched in Texas too 🙂 I’ll be posting photos later.

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  4. White House press secretary Sean Spicer finally made a statement. It can be recapped as, the media is dishonest … whine, whine, whine … stop reporting numbers, they are wrong, whine, whine, whine, Trump is more popular than Obama so stop lying, whine, whine, whine, and then he rudely walked out without taking any questions.

    Here’s an idea. The press should boycott his meetings. No one should be required to submit to verbal abusers.

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    • Great idea. If reporters stayed away what would he do? All this “lying”about the numbers, are they that dumb? Pictures don’t lie. He just can’t handle he didn’t beat Obama and too many people don’t like him. I DID NOT watch it. I don’t want to hear about it. I’m sticking my head in the sand until something really stupid happens, which shouldn’t take long.

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  5. Today is a beautiful today in solidarity!

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Quotations on marchers’ signs:

    “Peace, not terror…Light, not fear”

    “What Meryl said”

    “Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

    “Do not go gentle into the night. Rage against the dying of the LIGHT.”

    “Melania, blink if you need help.”

    “I will not go quietly back to the 1950’s. Nasty women, keep fighting.”

    “I dare you to mock the disabled again.”

    “Our rights are not up for grabs.”

    “We are not sore losers, we are informed citizens.”

    “Stop dehumanizing women.”

    “Immigrants make America great. Refugees welcome.”

    “Make America kind again.”

    “No one is free while others are oppressed.”

    “Dissent is patriotic.”

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  7. Such an exciting day and Xena, everyone’s avatars are kittens again!

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    • Thanks for the screenshot, Mindyme. I’ve reported it to Word Press. The gravatars appear as they are suppose to on my computer. Hopefully, Word Press can determine why they are different for you. Gravatars are connected to your email address so it cannot cause any harm to change the password on your email account.

      As soon as I hear back from Word Press, I’ll let you know.

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      • I know why it is! I have an extension through Chrome that changes pictures of Trump to pictures of kittens but sometimes it changes pictures that aren’t of Trump on Trump-related stories too. Make America Kittens Again!

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    • Perhaps I can suggest some cheese to go with that w(h)ine!……

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      • Roach,
        I don’t think that Trump and his press secretary realize how they impugn their credibility. Whatever policies and agendas on issues he has is lost in the schoolyard bully fights that they conduct. “Humble” is not in his character. Rather than say the media is lying about the low turn-out for his inauguration, he could have addressed the nation saying, “I hope to gain your trust.”

        The more I hear him and his surrogates, the more I hear skilled verbal abusers.

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        • One thing I can say about stump is that he is true to what he has presented himself to be. Take a look at the stump/Clinton debates and you will find a man who constantly lied, often bullied, regularly manipulated, and overall misrepresented anything that resembled the truth. BUT he stayed on task and did these things while proudly maintaining that “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,”…. Like the saying goes………….#ITISWHATITIS

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          • Roach,
            That spoke volumes. Trump is an entertainer. He’s wants to be a celebrity — not president of the largest country in the free world.

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  10. And Trump spokesman is always complaining about how the crowd pictured were doctored…. please!!!

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  11. Dear Xena,

    As you know, I was there in Washington DC. It was surreal and amazing. There was a sea of pink hats, beyond what the eye could see. Everybody there was in the spirit. There was just one small group of anti abortion protesters. What was amazing, everyone was nice to them. That lost them any power. The numbers were a message to those lawmakers in Washington DC. Nothing was fake about these “nasty women.”

    The numbers that attended the Women’s Marc far surpassed those who went to DT’s Inauguration event. One half million is a low ball figure.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda,
      Thanks so much for eye-witness news. Photos of the people gathered across this great nation sends a powerful message. Trump has tweeted asking why the women didn’t vote. He is not taking into consideration that they did — some for him and some not. Even some who voted for him have come to realize that he showed us who he is during the campaign. There is no changing to become presidential.

      It’s like addicts who tell enablers that they are going to change. They don’t. They can’t. They won’t unless they find themselves alone and unable to manipulate others.

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  12. Hi, Xena! Long time no see! I was at March in Austin. It was an overpowering spectacle! All ages, all skin tones, every type of human diversity you could imagine! Preliminary estimates were to expect 20,000. Cops said that was just at the base of the Capitol. Updates estimates are 34,000 including all the ones in the street! No violence at all. People singing, drumming, chanting, handing out free water! Girl Scouts, all kinds of great parents with daughters AND sons in attendance!

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    • Cielo!! It’s so good to hear from you. Thanks for reporting in about Austin. I saw a clip on the news last night. It’s wonderful knowing that peace prevailed. Love trumps hate.

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