Inauguration Day For Donald Trump


America’s Royal Family With Their Dirt

I’ve decided to watch the inauguration because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen live comedy.  Speaking of which, here are some funny videos to get us in the mood.

Warning:  Some of the videos below contain profanity that some might find offensive.




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  2. I can’t anymore…….. * cries in one corner *

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  3. Lots of curiosity watchers will be joining you.

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  4. Not only will I not watch, but will make sure my TV isn’t on the station it’s airing on. That way it won’t be counted. Because tiny hands is all about his ratings.

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    • I’m not motivated to watch the entire program, but am curious. For example, how many times will Donald duck the rain drops? Will he had to the wording of the oath, such as saying, “It’s going to be big, really really big. I promise”. Is Baron going to drift off and get lost? Is Melania going to wear hot pants to the ceremony and do a pole dance at the Ball?

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  6. G-d help us all

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  7. LOL, thx for the laughs!

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  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Trump Sought Military Equipment For Inauguration, Granted 20-Plane Flyover”


    ” WASHINGTON ― Part of being a great president is showing off America’s military strength, according to President-elect Donald Trump.

    The military “may come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue,” Trump told the Washington Post in an interview published Wednesday. “That military may be flying over New York City and Washington, D.C., for parades. I mean, we’re going to be showing our military.”

    Trump spoke about his vision of military parades in vague terms, suggesting it was something he might oversee in the future. But according to several sources involved in his inaugural preparations, Trump has endeavored to ensure that his first day as commander-in-chief is marked by an unusual display of heavy military equipment.

    During the preparation for Friday’s transfer-of-power, a member of Trump’s transition team floated the idea of including tanks and missile launchers in the inaugural parade, a source involved in inaugural planning told The Huffington Post. “They were legit thinking Red Square/North Korea-style parade,” the source said, referring to massive military parades in Moscow and Pyongyang, typically seen as an aggressive display of muscle-flexing.

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  9. Dear Xena,

    I will be missing all the ceremonies. I am flying out to Washington DC to attend the Women’s March.I am just praying that it doesn’t rain.But even if I were not traveling, I wouldn’t watch it. It is too upsetting.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda,
      I read on your blog where you are in D.C. Have a safe trip. Thank you for walking the talk. I wish that I could be there arm-in-arm with you.

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      • Dear Xena, I wish you were here as well. I took a SW flight at 6:00 am and I am guessing that 3/4 of the passengers were women. The stewardess noted that she hadn’t seen so many women on a flight. When I shouted out how many women were many hands were raised. We had a grand time chatting away. I did feel sorry for the guy sitting next to me, but he did volunteer that he did not vote for DT. So he just joined in the discussions. I am praying that more people attend the Women’s March than went to the Inaugural ceremonies.

        Hugs, Gronda

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  10. I won’t be watching it, but part of me is curious too, and wondering just how much of a trainwreck it might be. Thankfully I’ll be working tomorrow, so I won’t have the temptation of a TV within reach 😉

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    • Eurobrat,
      I watched from about 11:45 Washington, DC time until the end. Trump’s inauguration speech was not a proper inauguration speech in my opinion. It was gloom and doom without saying what he was going to do — just that it’s up to the American people.

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  11. Trump wouldn’t ban Hitler from coming to America. His entire campaign strategy was based on Hitler’s mindset

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  12. lol, I’m seeing everyone’s profile pictures as cats. Are y’all seeing that too?

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  13. ok that’s just weird, now they are all ‘normal’.

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  14. chuquestaquenumber1

    Now that we have a white president,here are a list of things that conservatives won’t complain about.

    A president issuing executive orders.
    A president playing golf.
    The cost to taxpayers on presidential vacations.
    The cost to taxpayers on first lady trips.
    The cost to taxpayers on presidential trips.
    The amount of cops killed under a presidential administration.
    A president making deals with America’s enemies.
    As well as everything else that didn’t bother conservatives until 2009.

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  16. And, it’s in the area of national security. That should have been a priority to staff.

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  17. Protests around the parade route happening now. (1 p.m. CST) CNN is airing it live.

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