Trump Issues Weak Statement After Obama Reminds Russia That He’s Still President

I thought that hacking is a crime. What if Trump’s emails were hacked by a foreign government and released to the public? That to me is what makes the hacking pertinent to being political because it was one-sided.

The Fifth Column

Trump Issues Weak Statement After Obama Reminds Russia That He’s Still PresidentTrump’s response suggests that holding Russia accountable for its unprecedented election meddling isn’t that high on his list of priorities.


President-Elect Donald Trump issued an official statement on Thursday after the Obama administration announced harsh retaliatory measures against Russia for its hacking of the 2016 election.

Despite both parties joining hands to strongly condemn Russia’s interference and support President Obama’s tough actions, Trump’s response was short and weak – and it didn’t even explicitly mention the Russian cyberattack.

The full statement:

It’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation.

It’s clear that Trump cares very little about Russia’s attack on the U.S. – probably because it helped put him in the White…

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  1. Dear Xena,

    I am suspicious that his wanting to overlook Russia’s transgressions, his denial of climate change, his placement of folks in leadership roles who want to dismantle the EPA and his hiring of Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state, are all tied together.

    We have not seen his tax returns. The major financiers of many of DT’s projects have been Russian Oligarchs. Rex Tillerson as CEO of Exxon signed an oil agreement with Russia in 2014, that is valued up to $500 billion dollars which never got off the ground because of NATO’s subsequent sanctions v Russia. Now if the sanctions were to be lifted…

    It is a good think that President Obama has fixed it so that oil exploration is barred in the Alaskan Arctic area.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda,
      In August, I had a vision. It began with Trump being elected. Washington, DC was bombed, and this country was invaded by Russia and Oriental soldiers. It was invaded from the southeast and the Gulf of Mexico. There was no one in D.C. to decide anything. We were a nation without leadership.

      The banks and major corporations were taken over by the invaders. Major roads were destroyed, and the invaders cut-off oil supplies. Trucks could not distribute food. There was major chaos in the streets. State by state, the invaders forced the governors to comply with their demands.

      I understood from the vision that the reason for the invasion was because Trump reneged on a promise with Russia.

      Keep in mind, the vision was in August. We in America have a sense of security regarding this nation’s protection and ability to prevent bombings and invasion. Since Trump’s election however, I get the willies each time I hear about Russia and Trump in the same sentence.

      Thus far, the vision has been true.

      • Two sides to a story

        Twenty-five years ago I had a similar series of recurring nightmares over the space of a week. These had no real provenance, except that I stood on a hill or mountain overlooking an American city while a war was taking place in the streets. Perhaps it was just nervous exhaustion, as my Chinese acupuncturist stated when she treated me for being unable to sleep at all because I would immediately go into REM sleep and have these dreadful, vivid, almost lucid nightmares. Or perhaps it was a forewarning, like your visions.

        Trump is making an incredible fool of himself. Trouble is, he has millions of fools supporting him . . . I despair.

        • Two sides! It’s good seeing you.
          Dreams are generally past, present, and future. By you standing in a higher place, (hill or mountain), overlooking war, it indicates your ability to stand above conflict. It pertained to your life, but could also to your future.

          What I had was definitely a vision. I was not in kindergarten when I started having visions, which for me, is proof of grace and love — because I did absolutely nothing to earn the gift. I don’t have them often. They always comes to past.

      • Dear Xena,

        Because of DT, your vision is not so implausible. I describe Russia like the fox and DT as the mouse riding on his back to cross the river. Sooner or later DT is going to eaten up by Russia. The mouse (DT) was very foolish to think he could safely make a deal with the (fox) Russia.

        Hugs, Gronda

        • Gronda,
          I like the analogy. Business deals and political goals should not be mixed, because political goals usually involve power. If Russia was located in North America, Canada would have been under Russian rule a very long time ago. That is how Russia likes and exerts power. Also, Trump gives himself too much credit with being “the art of the deal.” Business deals involve money and maybe transfer of ownership. Leading a country involves protecting its citizens. Trump has already demonstrated having no interest in learning and knowing about this nation’s security.

      • crustyolemothman

        “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” A. Lincoln
        It would seem as if the minority of voters in this nation have decided that it is better to destroy this nation than to grant equality to all citizens of this nation! Several years ago, I predicted that our efforts to bring equality to all would bring to the surface the truly racist population that hidden in plain sight in this nation. Far too many people are unwilling to accept that the white race is not the only one that belongs in this nation. Trump and his supporters promise change, but it is not change that they offer, it is return to the days prior to 1860 when the white man was supreme and totally in control of all things in this nation. Be prepared as winds of change are blowing and the storm will not be kind to the citizens of this nation..

        • Mothman,
          Happy New Year.

          You know, it’s rather strange that your comment reminded me of a conversation I recently had about the story and short film, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. That was a film that we studied in college as a way to communicate emotions and thoughts without words. The actual story was published in 1890 and is a Civil War story. I could probably write a post about it.

          The thing is, the desire to return to those days, or the days all the way up to the Civil Rights Movement, is not a do-over to hopefully change the results. No one should want it to be a do-over because truthfully, the Civil War and its results harmed the Confederacy, plantation owners, and the South in general more than they ever imagined. Or, as a question that one can think about after seeing the film, An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge , what does a man wish for when his life is at risk? Is it to live to face another battle? Is it to win the war? Or, is it to be with loved ones in the comfort of their own home? Keep in mind what the Civil War was all about. Once it worth the Confederacy losing so many lives just to deprive others of freedom?

          I found the original film on Vimeo. It’s about 23 minutes if you care to watch it.

          • crustyolemothman

            Xena: Happy and Safe New Year to you, and all the folks here on this site!
            Thank you for posting the film, I saw that many years ago with a group of young people, and the one thing that has always stuck in my memory is that a number of them never understood the message that it contained.
            To some the changes we seem to be headed for will be good for a short period of time, but when that period is over, they will discover that what they wanted was not what they received.

            • Mothman,

              “To some the changes we seem to be headed for will be good for a short period of time, but when that period is over, they will discover that what they wanted was not what they received.”

              That deserved repeating.

  2. yahtzeebutterfly

  3. Maybe now we’ll find out how much Trump is in to Russia financially.

  4. Would Donald Trump be the President-elect had Vladimir Putin not used hackers to defeat Mrs Clinton? We will never know.

    • Micheline,
      That’s a good question. Voters come in varieties, and based on what I saw, most decided during the nominations who they were voting for. Whatever happened after the nominations might have influenced some voters, but I don’t think we can honestly say that every voter was on top of every thing involving either candidate.

      I did not support either candidate but then, I live in a state that has a reputation for carrying the Democratic presidential nominee.

      • If it could have made a difference, people would be expressing their disappointment. They’re not. Like you, I was not supportive of the two candidates, but Mr Trump was the greater risk. It could be however that civil servants will govern. I think Mr Trump should refrain from making drastic changes. Deepening the rift between the two parties does not leave room for stability. My best wishes to you. Micheline

        • Micheline,
          By the looks of things, Trump plans to make drastic changes, and none for the better of this country.

          Thanks for your best wishes.

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